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Tabacos Baez Serie SF

Posted by dabyrdman33 on December 21, 2009

I picked up this cigar several months ago during a run to John B. Hayes Tobacconist in Fairfax, VA. At a price tag of about $3, I could not resist giving this Don Pepin creation a shot. It is a mix of Cuban-seed Nicaraguan long filler and mixed short filler in a Nicaraguan habano wrapper.

Vitola: Robusto
Size: 50 x 5″
MSRP: $3 (approx.)
Construction: Very firm to the touch with one or two veins on the wrapper, but otherwise clean.

Pre-light aroma: Rich tobacco and barnyard hay
Pre-light draw: Rich tobacco with a hint of milk chocolate
Tonight I am pairing the cigar with a Leffe blond ale.

1st third: Upon lighting the cigar and taking the first few puffs I am not getting a really strong flavor on my palate initially, but there is a hint of pepper on the retrohale. The cigar is medium-bodied but not overpowering. The ash is white and solid but starting to bend at just over an inch & a half. Dominant flavor is rich tobacco but not heavy. From a strength standpoint I am not experiencing a pronounced nicotine kick.

2nd third: The burn is fairly even with no need for a touch-up. The pepper note has graduated to more of a pleasant spice. The cigar is still holding in the medium-bodied range with little or no noticeable strength. Approaching the band the strength is begins to intensify but it’s not beyond a medium range.

Final third: The burn still even. The flavors have been consistent throughout with tobacco, spice, & pepper. A slight leathery flavor creeps in toward the nub. Unfortunately, the wrapper cracked just past the band.

Final thoughts: With a price tag around $3 a stick, this is a very solid “budget” cigar. The flavors are consistent throughout and the strength is in the mild to medium range. Aside from the wrapper cracking at the end, this is a decent smoke that I would love to have as an everyday cigar and will definitely re-visit. The total burn time was 1 hr 8 min. I give it 3.5 out of 5 sticks.

As always, fly straight and fly high.

-Da Byrdman-

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