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Diamond Crown Robusto #4 by J. C. Newman

Posted by dabyrdman33 on June 22, 2010

This post has been milling around on a note pad for quite some time and I’ve finally had a chance to post it for the masses to read. Several months ago, I reviewed the Diamond Crown Robusto #4 that I received from the Big Smoke Las Vegas back in 2009. For you factoid hungry readers, you can go here to get the entire skinny on the Diamond Crown line. For the rest of you, let’s get into the review…

Size: 54 ring x 5 ½ inches

Wrapper: US Connecticut

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

MSRP: $11 approx. before taxes

Construction: The wrapper is really smooth in texture and has a distinct golden brown almost caramel color. There is only one noticeable vein that I do not anticipate will cause any burn problems. The cap seems to be placed perfectly on the head of the cigar and the cigar is packed firmly from head to foot.

Pre-light: The cigar has that barnyard aroma that we all know and love and while it is very strong it is not overpowering. The draw after cutting the cigar is a little firm for my liking but it seems like it will suffice. The flavor is light, sweet tobacco. My first impression is that this cigar is going to be pretty mild.

First third: Upon lighting the cigar, I am getting a decent amount of smoke with each draw. There is no presence of spice or pepper, but there is the slight sweetness that I mentioned in the pre-light and some toasty wood notes. The burn has some waviness; however, I am going to leave it to see if it corrects itself. The ash is somewhat firm and light grey in color. The cigar so far is very mild in both body and strength, but the flavors are delightful.

Second third: Progressing further, the dominant flavor is still the toasted wood with the sweetness following thereafter. The smoke is really creamy and mellow. There is still no evidence of spice or peppery notes. Overall, this cigar just feels good in my hand and the ash has managed to hold for the first two inches before falling off. Towards the halfway point, the wood notes are starting to become more floral.

Final third: Just beginning to get some tar buildup on the head of the cigar and it is causing some bitterness. The burn is also beginning to become uneven. The cigar is still extremely smooth and while the floral note has dissipated, it has been replaced with a bit of leather. The sweetness is now more prevalent on the retrohale and there is a creamy coffee note that lingers on the finish. This cigar is definitely mild throughout but is nothing short on flavors and complexity.

Overall: The sheer price tag alone on Diamond Crowns has always caused me to pass them by in my local B&Ms, so I was excited to try this one just to kill my curiosity. I must say that while I am not an avid mild cigar smoker, I can really appreciate a mild cigar that has complexity and good flavors. This is one of those cigars. Setting price aside, the construction, flavor, and overall quality of this cigar make it a cigar that I would like to get to know better. This experience was definitely a good one and I would go back to this cigar as well as recommend it to other cigar enthusiasts especially those that enjoy milder cigars. I give it a solid 4 out of 5 smokes.

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Happy Smoking

-Da Byrdman-

One Response to “Diamond Crown Robusto #4 by J. C. Newman”

  1. B-man,

    Almost exactly my experience with this cigar. While I’m not typically a “mild” cigar kinda guy, you’d have to be blind or half dumb to not recognize the care and attention to detail that went into making this cigar what it is. While I may not stock my humi with these bad boys, I’ll never turn one down. Great review, man.

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