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Introducing “The Dark Side”: Guest Reviews by Addiction

Posted by dabyrdman33 on July 2, 2010

Here at The B&B Cigar Club Blog, we have been discussing the idea of adding a new column and a new guest reviewer/writer. After an exhaustive search we are proud to introduce our newest guest reviewer/writer, Addiction and his weekly take on cigars henceforth known as “The Dark Side”.



Confessions of a Cuban Cigar Smoker


In The Beginning……..


Ground rules. Every successful relationship is based on a series of understandable rules of engagement. Actually several unsuccessful ones as well but why would I let that get in the way of a perfectly good wind up and delivery.


I believe we need to start with ground rules.


After some background that is.


This “column” is mostly dedicated to reviews, but it’s not solely reviews. I basically talk about whatever crosses my mind and I’ll at least make the attempt to marginally connect it to the leaf. Like right now I’ve just struck flame to an 03 Cohiba Siglo VI, and it is quite lovely. This is what a cigar should look like thick and strong the color of cafe au lait and a wrapper with the smoothness of Jennifer Lopez’s prebaby thighs. On the first puff it’s as powerful as an Ike Turner right cross after Tina went shuffle kick shuffle instead of shuffle shuffle kick. But the power is wrapped in velvet creaminess with crisp beanie flavors and toasty vanilla notes. We’ll circle back to the Sig VI, because that’s not today’s post. Today’s post is rules.


I will talk about what to try, I won’t talk about where to buy. In other words I’ll try to take you as deep into the dark side as I can, but keep in mind I’m new to this. I sparked my first cigar in May 07, a CAO Gold if memory serves. It was bland and uninteresting if memory serves. Nothing like the sweet cream and light toasty vanilla of this Sig VI. The depth of this cigar, the richness, it’s incredible. The beanieness has slipped into the background letting cream and vanilla lead you to Cohiba heaven. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I can tell you what cigars are working right now in my opinion, what’s not working and what’s never going to work, again in my opinion. But I’m not going to be responsible for sourcing you. You’re going to have to do some of the work to reap the richness.


Hints of chocolate show up at the halfway point. I mean just a touch, and it’s at the tail end of finish longer than a Kardashian weave at a superbowl party. And before I forget to ask, what the hell did those girls do other than put a size 12 ass in a size 8 skirt to become famous? Hell there are prolly ten or eleven of Goldies best girls working various corners in DC and they won’t get a reality show and an NFL boyfriend out of the deal. Anywho that long finish has nuttiness to it, just whispers of it mind you. But it’s definitely there. The stick makes smoke in copious amounts making it a sipping cigar which is odd for a 6 inch 52 ring gauge smoke.


My reviews will be a mix of Cuban treasures. Some everyday smokes, some special occasion smokes and some “what fuck is he thinking” smokes. I promise you however; with an open mind, a willing spirit and a reasonable credit limit I’m gonna blow your mind. However 90% of what you see reviewed here is going to be Cuban. It’s what I buy, it’s what I smoke therefore it’s what I review. I realize it’s not for everyone but that’s why Bill Gates in his infinite wisdom paid someone to invent the back button for your browser. I still occasionally try non-Cubans, but it’s typically a letdown. It’s like when you see the one who got away in high school and your first thought is “Did she always have more than one chin?”. If I get past the first third I’ll review it, otherwise you gets nada.


Coming into the last third and sweet baby jebus this is one good goddamn cigar. The vanilla is out like Ricky Martin. I mean were there seriously people who didn’t know that cat was gay, he’d clearly slide on more poles than an entire volunteer fire department. If you smoke a 20 year old Cohiba there is so much front loaded vanilla you might suspect it’s a flavored cigar. This Siglo VI, from a box of the original release of the Siglo VI, has the cream, vanilla and strength of a much older cigar and makes me wonder what this would be like in 2022. The bean flavors Cohiba is known for go all coffee in your mouth, it’s gooey chewy smoke of significant character. Even the smoke coming off the end of the stick is pleasant and nutty if inhaled.


Before I forget, I know prolly isn’t a real world. I know it’s impolite to use fuck in polite company. I just don’t care. These “columns” are simply information I was writing as I smoked anyway. I’m willing to share my inner voice but I ain’t willing to modulate it for the grammar or sensitivity police. Hell I think most human communication would be improved with the proper use of a fuck now and again.


The Sig, which started strong is a powerhouse now but still smooth and flavorful. Vanilla coffee and cream mixing perfectly and a long finish that goes milk chocolate. It’s burned down to its label like a champ holding 3 inch ash of light gray color. The cigar might take a small hit in the value column as it cost me $18, but if I could find more at that price I’d mortgage my damn house for them. That good.


Oh and that’s all the rules. I mean how much regulation did you expect from a man who buys Cuban cigars? What’s next you gonna ask Martha Stewart for stock tips or get Bernie Madoff to manage your money?


Appearance – 10 

Construction – 10

Flavor – 10

Value – 9

Overall Experience – 10


Overall Grade – 9.8


Notes: Exceptional cigar that has matured earlier and better than its younger siblings.


One Response to “Introducing “The Dark Side”: Guest Reviews by Addiction”

  1. Nice effort.

    I’d prefer at least 4 or 5 more F-bombs, and a few more Gdamnit’s, but I’m a former Marine, it made me feel all homey, and shit.

    Keep ’em coming, guys!

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