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Nosotros: “The Cigar Collabo”

Posted by dabyrdman33 on July 7, 2010

DaByrdman is back again with another cigar review and a CONTEST. As you can tell from the title, today’s review is the Nosotros. Nosotros translated means “us” and the cigar holds true to that meaning being a collaboration of Dion Giolito and Jonathan Drew flying under the Illusione banner. This cigar comes in eight different vitolas and is rolled at the Drew Estate factory in Nicaragua. Having heard a lot of “underground” buzz about these cigars before they were formally released, I was actually able to score the one that I am reviewing today from Dion Giolito during a brief encounter at The Big Smoke last November. Having already smoked a few since the release, I thought this would be a good time to share my thoughts on both and make a few comparisons if they exist. If you wish to read more history on the two collaborators you can find it here and here. On to the cigar…

Size: 50 ring x 5″

MSRP: $9.20 plus applicable taxes

Wrapper: Corojo ’99

Binder: Connecticut Habano

Filler: Nicaraguan

At first glance, the first thing I noticed is the simple yet symbolic band. Small in size, the band boldly states Nosotros and the Illusione name with “dion” on one side and “drew” on the other. The wrapper is a nice golden brown color with a few small veins, but none of them appear to pose any real problems. The cigar is firmly packed with tobacco and has a sweet tobacco aroma. The pre-light draw is full of the sweet tobacco flavor that I recognize from taking a whiff prior to cutting it.

First third: The first few puffs yield a smoky wood flavor with some sweetness and a hint of spice on the retrohale. As I progress further, the spice note picks up considerably on the retrohale and while it is bold it never approaches harsh. The burn line is impeccable and the ash is white with a flew flecks of gray. The cigar is giving off a light but steady resting smoke while each puff produces thick white clouds of flavor and aroma. This cigar resides solidly in the medium range for both body and strength. It’s still early but I am already digging this cigar. As I mentioned earlier, having smoked a few of these cigars since their release, I am noticing that the pre-release is slightly mellower probably due in part to the seven months it has spent in my humidor, but the flavors are identical. The ash is holding strong through the first inch of the cigar and I am curious to see how long it holds this time. I’ve had previous ashes on the Nosotros hold for two inches or more; another sign of excellent construction and burn in my opinion.

Second third: Well, I spoke too soon. The ash fell helplessly into the tray at about the 1 ½ inch mark this time. The smoky wood flavor is still the dominant player and while the spice on the retrohale has diminished, it is still there. The burn continues to be perfect with no real waviness and no need for touchups. I am already 30 minutes into this cigar and I still haven’t reached the halfway point which is good for me because I really want this experience to last as long as it possibly can. Nearing the true halfway point, the cigar is mellowing somewhat, but nevertheless still flavorful and enjoyable. I would still call it a solid medium-bodied cigar at this point.

Final third: The smoky wood notes and spice have made a triumphant return and the cigar is reverting to the profile in the first third. Alas, another flavor has crept into the mix and while I can’t quite put my finger on it; I love it. It is the perfect balance to the spicy retrohale and the smoky wood note. It is somewhat creamy but not what I would describe as buttery. Very good indeed.

Final thoughts: The total burn time was about 75 minutes which is solid for a robusto. The overall strength and body stayed in the medium range with the body creeping into the medium-full range a few times. Given the price point, this cigar is well worth the money spent as the smoking experience is consistent from one stick to the next. I haven’t noticed much difference if any between the pre-release and the ones that are on B&M shelves right now. These cigars are winners from the word go and definitely worth the investment in a box if you like bold flavor and a consistent smoking experience. While I am not big on ratings, I would definitely give this cigar high marks. An easy 4.8 out of 5 on my “scale”.

Contest Eligibility: As I mentioned at the outset, there is a contest sponsored by Dion Giolito (@vudu9 for you Twitter folks). While I have no idea what he has in store for the winner, I will say that there are some rules to be eligible. Here we go:

  1. You must sign up as a subscriber to The B&B Cigar Club blog. Simply enter your email address in the right-hand subscription box. You can unsubscribe at any time but you must be a subscriber at the time of the random drawing to win. *If you’re already a subscriber you’re almost home.
  2. You must leave a comment. Something relevant to the cigar or the review is always helpful. (In other words, give us a little feedback)
  3. You must be one of my Twitter followers since the winner will be announced on Twitter. (

The winner will be drawn at random on July 15, 2010, so you have until 11:59 pm on July 14, 2010.

Good luck and happy smoking. Remember, “B&B! We all we got!”


32 Responses to “Nosotros: “The Cigar Collabo””

  1. thepeoplechamp82 said

    Awesome review!! This cigar sounds like it fits my flavor profile to the letter!! Looking forward to trying one! And good luck to those entering the contest!!

  2. kekoa kai said

    Good review. Sounds like this stick would be right up my alley.

  3. shawn said

    Loved this smoke. Great from first draw. Actually I have yet to find one of his cigars that I was unhappy with. All great smokes!

    • I agree totally. So far my experience with Illusione has been great but there are still so many sizes in his lines that I haven’t tried. Looking forward to those as well.

  4. Dan Reeve said

    Thanks for the review. I’m a huge Illusione fan and love reading what other people think. I’ve smoked 4 different sizes of this stick and I personally think the CG is where it’s at.

    again, thanks for the review.


    • I’ve had just the robustos & a toro. I really like the robustos better but I’m curious to see how the other vitolas smoke as well. This would be a good stick to do a vertical tasting/review.

  5. Jon said

    Nice review. I have been a huge fan of this cigar since it came out. For some reason they seem hard to find around here.

  6. I found the Nosotros underwhelming at best, especially at the asking price. I know of a shop owner that smoked them last year at IPCPR and thought they were great, but found the actually released product to not compare favorably at all. I’ll have to give it another try in another vitola, maybe after the first run has come and gone (wait a year, maybe?), but I can’t say I’ll rush right out to buy more.

  7. Keith1911 said

    Good review Ashley. I have one of the corona gorda’s resting in my humidor to try as I wasn’t that into the robusto I tried.

  8. Casey O'Neill said

    Illusione is my current favorite line, esp the Epernay and cg4. Very informative reveiw, looking forward to trying this cigar

  9. JoseFloresJr said

    Great review man. This is one cigar i’ve wanted to try since it was announced, but i still have yet to get my hands on. But after reading your experience with it, i will definitely be looking to get a few.

  10. sharingsmoke said

    I have had the Nosotros CG 2x the second time it was much as you described and very enjoyable. However the first time it was singularly unique. The flavors of chines spareribs; allspice, clove, thick dark sweetness and red pepper spice, absolutely awesome! I am waiting for my local B&M to get their next delivery so I can attempt to relive my first smoke again. Has anyone else had such an experience?

  11. I’ve smoked 8-10 of these in the last few weeks, and they are consistent, flavorful, always well made, and turning into one of my go-to sticks.

    I have this stick as probably medium plus for me, several guys at the shop think they are super full in body, everybody that smokes it, loves it.

    Another winner from JD and Dion.

    Another great review, Ashley.

    You going to IPCPR?

  12. Nice review! Amazingly I have yet to try these LOL I will have to take the hour+ drive to score some pretty soon since a lot of people are liking them.

    Keep up the great reviews

  13. I’ve been looking forward to trying one of these. You just made we want to try one more!

  14. I’ve been wanting to try the Nosotros for some time now, but my usual price range for cigars is between $5-$8 a stick, with obvious exceptions to certain cigars. After reading the review and seeing that it leans on the medium-full strength, i’m am more interested than ever to try these stogies.

  15. HabanoHam said

    Nice Review Brother! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a few of these but they haven’t show up in my area. The wood and spice seem like and interesting change from what I usually smoke.

  16. wesallmond said

    Awesome review and thanks for the link to the Illusione site. I’ve heard a lot about these but have never enjoyed one. The founders story is pretty cool. I’m going to head over to my local B&M this weekend and pick up a few. Cheers!

  17. JaimeVR said

    Great review. I’ve never had a Nosotros, but from what I hear they’re are pretty good sticks. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to find them at my local B&M. Thanks for the review and keep them coming.

  18. Guys,

    It was great to read the reviews for the Illusione NOSOTROS. It has been a pleasure to work with Dion on this project and i have learned alot. Dion is extremely picky, and demands the best, and I respect both of those qualities when dealing with Ultra Premiums.

    Looking forward to see who wins and to see what the hell they won. Whatever Dion is doing for the promotion, I will add to it in addition.

    Very best,

    • Thanks for taking the time to read the review & the additional prize for the winner. You guys definitely did one hell of a job on this cigar in my opinion. I think we’re all anticipating what’s in store from you, Dion, and your respective brands in the very near future.


  19. novabeerfly said

    Sounds nice….haven’t gotten into cigars much lately (Mainly because a lack of a job lol) but this sounds like something I could get into…especially with a nice IPA lol

  20. Paul Shing said

    Great review Bro! I will be getting my hands on the Nosotros very soon! Can’t wait to try them! Thanks!

  21. tonycasas said

    Heck of a job on the review guys. And I am happy to finally see a review on it. I found the Nosotros fresh, and new and it totally caught me off guard. You guys had a lot better luck with ash and burn then I did. The few I had have gone crazy and needed tons of touch ups and relights. Keep it up!

  22. mattmaronna said

    I’ll have to give these another shot, bought a handful right after release and had burn issues(they seemed a little wet) and were only ok, I really love anything from dion that i’ve tried so i was a little disappointed. I always try to try at release then several months down the road to give a fair assessment. Was a great review, thought it was very thorough.

    • Thanks for the comment. I haven’t experienced burn issues with any so far but I will say that they were not noticeably moist & the B&M that carried them keeps his sticks closer to 65% than 70% RH.

  23. tmbryant73 said

    Awesome review and exciting contest! I like reading your reviews because you describe what you taste well without choosing off-the-wall stuff to compare the flavors to. After reading this review I plan to seek out this stick asap.

  24. CigarsThomas said

    Good review. You don’t need a camera as bad as Champ does……….

  25. pfm721 said

    I’m not sold on these yet. I think they are an interesting smoke, but not my favorite of his products. Got some resting hope to see how the age in a few months. Good review.

  26. […] know, we have had a decent run with Illusione cigars over the last two months with reviews of the Nosotros and Epernay lines appearing during that timeframe. Once again, I am delving into another cigar that […]

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