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The People’s Review: JnD Antano “Smoking on the Dark Side”

Posted by thepeoplechamp82 on July 13, 2010

What’s up enthusiasts of the leaf!  Yours truly back again with another review for your reading pleasure!  This edition of The People’s Review takes a look at the Joya de Nicaragua Antano Dark Corojo.  This cigar was released earlier this year as an extension of the JnD Antano 1970 line that came out a decade ago.  This cigar was touted, according to, as “a puro so creamy, rich and smooth yet simultaneously so enthrallingly robust at its core.”  Let’s take a look at the specs on this beauty:

Vitola: El Martillo 5 1/2″ x 54

Filler: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo Seed

Strength: Full

Construction and Pre-Light

Taking a look at the Antano DC the wrapper is slightly oily with some minor veins running through the cigar (shouldn’t pose no major burn issues).  The cigar’s packed very well and inspection shows no soft spots so no thoughts of tunneling.  The cigar gives off a nice sweet aroma from the 3-year aged Nicaraguan tobaccos and Nicaraguan Corojo wrapper and an inspection of the draw shows a nice easy draw producing flavors of dark chocolate and tobacco with a bit of spice on the lips.  I’m really excited to give this cigar a try so let’s do this!


Off to a pretty good start with a boatload of spice mixed in with sweet chocolate on the first couple puffs.  Very full-bodied in flavor and strength in the early going and now I’m starting to notice some molasses and chocolate mixing in with the spice (mostly through the retrohale).  Getting some very nice cedar notes as well and I’m getting a nice sweet & cedar-like mixture on the finish (this is starting off very well!).  The easy draw I experienced in the pre-light stage is producing a lot of creamy white smoke and giving me these phenomenal flavors.  The ash isn’t as solid as I thought it would be or as I would like it to be but it’s still holding firm.  The flavor profile in this stage of the cigar is pretty straightforward yet highly enjoyable!  But alas as I make the transition to the halfway point the spice begins to fade away.

Halfway Point

I’ve reached the halfway point of the JnD Antano Dark Corojo and I’m still getting that combination of sweet flavors mixed with cedar notes.  Also noticing a hint of walnuts factoring into the flavor profile (possibly walnuts but could be something else) but definitely a nutty flavor (let the nasty jokes begin LOL).  Moving on in this stage and the burn line is really uneven so I had to touch it up to get it back on point; also, despite not putting it down much and staying with the cigar, I was having trouble keeping it lit and had to almost puff on it too often to the point that the smoke almost got too hot and harsh to enjoy but luckily it didn’t get to that point.  As the cigar is picking up steam, a sort of cinnamon flavor has popped up (again the earlier spice has disappeared but this cigar is proving to be quite sweet).  Another construction flaw: a very jagged and shaky-looking ash that doesn’t seem to want to correct itself going forward but hopefully will be corrected by the end.  I’m still working with a good draw and getting a lot of smoke; the strength has not changed at all and continues to be full strength.  Working towards the end of this portion and some notes of berries are starting to come into the mix as the halfway point moves into the end.

Finish Line

Coming down the closing stretch and the flavors in this portion are again very straightforward with a lot of tobacco flavors mixed with a hint of cinnamon and coffee.  Not much else to say in terms of flavors yet the aroma remains so very sweet and alluring even towards the end.  The shaky construction I dealt with throughout the cigar finally worked itself out with a nice even burn and a more solid ash.  The strength once again does not change and remains full producing a nice nic buzz (even without pairing it with an adult beverage).  But that will do it for this one so let’s give the verdict!

Verdict = Meh. I only gave it this verdict because I had such high expectations of this cigar being a Nicaraguan puro wrapped with corojo plus the Antano 1970 was an awesome cigar when I tried it a while back and the DC just didn’t wow me flavor-wise though it wasn’t bad at all!  And the construction was very shaky throughout (that could be attributed to the humid weather conditions) which kind of made it hard to enjoy the cigar when you’re worrying if the ash is gonna fall on your leg and burn you.  Would I try this cigar again?  Absolutely I would just to rest it in my humi and see if aging it makes the flavors pop.

That’s it for this edition of The People’s Review and remember you can follow me on Twitter (@DCsPeoplesChamp) to chat about this or any other of my reviews or just shoot the breeze!  And don’t forget to join our Mailing List to receive updates on new content and be eligible for future contests conducted by the B&B Cigar Club!  Thanks for reading and remember to keep enjoying fine cigars and let the smoke take you away!

-D.C.’s People’s Champ

14 Responses to “The People’s Review: JnD Antano “Smoking on the Dark Side””

  1. tonycasas said

    Great review man. I actually enjoyed this cigar quite a bit, but found it much to strong to hold a spot in my normal rotation. I too have had tons of burn issues with these sticks. Great review!

    • thepeoplechamp82 said

      Thanks Tony…yeah for me being a full-bodied cigar smoker that one definitely will kick your ass for sure. I just wish it gave me more flavors to wow me but I’ll give it another try down the line.

  2. tmbryant73 said

    Nice review! I’ve been thinking of trying this stick cause I’m a big fan of full-bodied stuff as you know. It’s a shame you had burn issues though. Thanks for the head’s up on this one.

  3. I mostly agree with you on this one. I smoked the Dark Corojo first and found it to be interesting in some vitolas, but rather flat in others. Overall, not a stand-out, gotta-have-it smoke. Then I discovered that they apparently add some coloring to the wrapper leaf, so now I refer to it as the “Dyed-Dark Corojo.” (Lick the tip of your finger and rub it hard on the leaf…if it comes off with a nasty brownish smudge it’s a good bet the leaf has been dyed.) By contrast, I finally smoked a couple of JdN Antano 1970s in the past few months and found them to be much more flavorful and intriguing even if they are not as strong. I find the Dyed-Dark version trades flavor and personality away in the quest for more strength. But, that’s just my opinion…

    • thepeoplechamp82 said

      Thanks for the feedback!! I didnt notice any dye on my fingers but again the construction on it was not top notch throughout which was bothersome.

  4. Keith1911 said

    Good review! I know I’m in the minority in liking this cigar. I know it isn’t the most complex cigar out there but it is a good cigar once in a while. I’ve experienced the same issue with having to draw on it a lot to keep it burning. It is due to the amount of ligero in the filler and the thick wet wrapper leaf.

    • thepeoplechamp82 said

      Thanks for the feedback Keith…I didnt dislike the cigar it just didnt stand out to me flavor-wise and construction-wise. I would like to give it another try down the road to see if it gets better.

  5. Jon (Wingfan13) said

    I just had one of these the other day and I didn’t care for it. Not only was it way to strong (which I didn’t expect) but I too had construction issues.

  6. HabanoHam said

    Nice Review Brother! I have had one of these sitting in my for a about 5 months and haven’t sparked it yet due to fear it packing too much punch. The sweet characteristics of the flavor profile seems like it would make the strength a bit more tolerable. How long did you let yours sit before you fired it up? Thanks for the review.

    • thepeoplechamp82 said

      Thanks for the comment!! I had it for a couple weeks…5 months sounds like a good amount of rest…I’d be interested to see how it smokes after 5 months of humi time.

  7. CigarsThomas said

    Damn CONTENDER! You struck fear in folks of a rant! I propose that B&B do a car wash and buy you a camera otherwise good review. I enjoy this smoke.

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