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“The Dark Side”: Dunhill Atados

Posted by dabyrdman33 on July 16, 2010

Confessions of a Cuban Cigar Smoker

Review: 80s Dunhill Atados

I’d rate the top five cigars I’ve solo smoked as 1994, Dunhill Cabinetta, 1992 Cohiba Esplendido, Dunhill Esplendido, and Cohiba Milli.   I’ve been told that the Atados will shatter this quorum and demand a place in it. After a beautiful balla MAW of 2 aged Cohiba Lanceros and a Dunhill Atados it was time to find out.

It arrived in a Pyrex tube, an absolute beauty. The head was cracked and I repaired it and left it be a week. On opening the tube and smelling the cigar it’s like falling into a cedar chest, it’s been beat down like Tina Turner if she missed a step when she was with Ike.

The first pull is like being smacked in the mouth with a cedar plank wrapped in cedar. Yeah that much cedar. The pull is easy which is lucky given at its 20 something ring gauge it’s a sipping cigar.

After the first pass to Matt and Brian it’s still cedary, but it’s calmed considerably and picked up a touch of sweetness. Just enough to use the word. The finish is light, I wonder if I’m missing something by piping it. Also getting a little smoky, but it lacks depth to appreciate the smokiness. The smoke is exceptionally cool on the palate as the Dunhill flavor comes on.

The cedar recedes to just the front of the tongue letting the Dunhill flavor come through. The flavor develops a sunny quality if that makes sense. I t also has the “age” starting to come on, that width in the bottom of the flavor. Honestly it seems to develop between 15 and 20 years of age, and I prefer my cigars at 10 – 15 years when they are sublime but seem to be much more reflective of the brands taste. This is still a very good cigar but for me not great at this point just slightly more than half.

It’s pretty consistently the same. A slight sweetness and cedary with a chewy center of Dunhill goodness. I like it but my top 5 appears to be safe. It also takes a hit in value since it’s easier and cheaper to find a Unicorn than this cigar.

Appearance – 10
Construction – 9
Flavor – 8
Value – 8
Overall Experience – 8

Overall Grade – 8.6

Notes: a very nice cigar but not my cup of tea. I did however greatly appreciate having the experience.

Until next time,


2 Responses to ““The Dark Side”: Dunhill Atados”

  1. Bryan said

    This should say 1994, Dunhill Esplendidio. its refering to the 1994 Cubatobacco humidor release cigar.

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