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From the mind of The People’s Champ: a Decade of Cloudy Goodness!

Posted by thepeoplechamp82 on July 27, 2010

Normally, I would have a review for our peoples to check out but given the occasion of the week and the milestone that goes along with it I felt that I needed to speak on that.  So without further ado, instead of a “semi-technical” review of a cigar that everyone’s probably tried once or twice, I’m speaking from my brain about me and this hobby that I enjoy so much!

This week marks a very cool milestone for me in regards to this great hobby of cigar smoking: it was this week back in 2000 when I first introduced myself to what has proven to be such a tight-knit and friendly activity to be apart of.  I can remember that day as if it were yesterday and looking back on it, I have no regrets about that decision I made because of where it has brought me today!  I was a month removed from graduating from high school and a day away from turning the big 1-8 and I had always had a keen interest in cigars (always loved the smell of them when a gentleman who used to live close by would walk by my house smoking one) so I decided that I would take the leap of faith and give em a try!  Unfortunately, I had no access to a quality Brick and Mortar shop and I was still technically not old enough to purchase tobacco so I took a walk to the carryout down the street and was able to score a machine-made cigar (the cigar shall remain nameless though I’m sure all can speculate on what it was) and found a secluded spot in the neighborhood to light up.  From that point on, I knew I made the right choice and the events that followed only reinforced my correct decision.

That choice I made 10 years ago led me to all the events that occurred afterwards: met some great friends from the D.C. area at college and we’re still friends to this day, was able to introduce my sister to cigars and in turn she introduced me to a B&M that became my second home and helped me to finally become attached to premium hand-rolled cigars, was able to find a cigar social networking site that helped me to expand my pallet to different blends to which I enjoy so much, I was able to network with enthusiasts here in the DMV to create a monthly herf bringing together Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf under the camaraderie of blue cigar smoke, I was able to slightly convert my girl into a cigar aficionada (still a work in progress LOL) and finally I was able to link up with the cool brothers of B&B!

So much has happen in the last 10 years with regards to cigars and I must say that I wouldn’t change a thing if asked to go back in time!  So here’s to not only me turning 28 this week, here’s to 10 years of cloudy goodness and here’s to another 10 years of true bliss and friendship!

Thanks for reading my little anecdote and I hope you enjoyed it.  I will have a new review next Tuesday of a new cigar out on the market.  Remember, you can follow me on Twitter @DCsPeoplesChamp and we can shoot the breeze on cigars and other stuff!  Thanks for supporting us and I’ll see you all soon…and remember: B&B WE ALL WE GOT!!

-D.C.’s Peoples Champ

2 Responses to “From the mind of The People’s Champ: a Decade of Cloudy Goodness!”

  1. Addiction said

    Wow congratulations Ken! The community is all the better for having a true balla like yourself representing it.

    • thepeoplechamp82 said

      LOL I ain’t no balla!! But thanks for the congrats…I’m so glad to be a part of such a great community!

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