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“The Dark Side” by Addiction: What Should I Start With?

Posted by dabyrdman33 on July 30, 2010

Confessions of a Cuban Cigar Smoker


Begin the Beguine or “What should I start with?”


An organizational announcement first. Well a couple I suppose. The first is I’ll freely admit all these reviews aren’t fresh. I’ve got hundreds of reviews done already so some of what you are getting is those recycled. I think if you are reading this, my fifth column as it were, you don’t seem to mind so much. I kinda figure unless you are sitting on a box of Dunhill Atados or Cohiba Sublimes it’s still an interesting read. And if you are sitting on those boxes then:


  • I’m gonna need your physical address and the times your away from home so I can ummmmm, watch those for you.
  • You’ve prolly got better things to do than read the ramblings of a noob.


I write reviews by the box, reviewing the first, middle and last cigar of the box. For new cigars I review a lot, for my old standbys more sparingly. For you, dear reader, I’ll try to review more often. And just like every great relationship we start with a lie, next you’ll be asking me if that dress makes your ass look big (no dear, it’s the double chocolate Dove bars that make your ass look big).


The second announcement is I’m hoping to alternate purposes, do like one week on a topic and the second week just put up a review. I’ll try to alternate so that the topic week is a pretty common cigar while the review week will prolly be more……exotic. And by exotic I don’t mean “great rack and huge adams apple” level exotic ok? I’ll try to keep the topics on task, but I’m new to this cigar game myself so eventually it’s going to be me ranting while smoking so be prepared for that.


So moving right along…..


The question I hear most often other than “What am I supposed to do with that?” (women got jokes for a brotha….) is “It’s my first order what should I buy?” I’m dedicating this column to that advice. I’m going to provide you a list of the Cubans I consider starters if you will, these cigars are both readily approachable and well known enough you can easily sell them if you don’t want them. I’ll also try to keep the price of each box below $200 but I’ll fail miserably as there is at least one cigar above that I am honor bound to recommend.


By the way I’m just the wrong guy to ask what to buy, the wrong damn guy. You asking me for buying advice is like joining AA and calling your sponsor for a pep talk and he says he’ll call you back, he’s blowing a dude for an eight ball. Other than this column if you like having a retirement account, the idea that your kids might go to college and money in the bank don’t ask me to advise you on what and how much to purchase.


The first thing is this column assumes you’ve been sourced and been sourced correctly. I can’t help you there. One note of advice, buy by the box not singles. If you really want to try more at lower cost then trade fivers.


This week’s victim is the 09 Cohiba Siglo II, which you’ll see appearing later in this list. It’s the one cigar in the Siglo line that can be a go to smoke without breaking the budget and unlike the Siglo I it’s large enough that you feel like you had a real smoke. Gorgeous coffee with cream colored wrapper with the world’s most recognizable band it’s a beaut in the hand. I’m pairing this with a couple of fingers of Grand Marnier Cuvée du Cent Cinquantenaire. I don’t usually drink when I review, but I’ve smoked at least 6 boxes of these in the past 12 months, I know what I’m getting into here.


The stick has the prerequisite Cohiba prelight taste, sweet clean hay. It takes to the flame completely, with a complete light in seconds. The first pull is exceptionally grassy, 100% cohiba on the first puff. You’ll hear descriptors like “bean” “hay” and “grassy” all the time. I wish I could properly describe that taste to you, the best I can do is ask you imagine you are happy. Your sitting on your deck with your favorite spirit. Megan Fox is upstairs drawing your bath and Hallie Berry is in the kitchen rustling up some vittles. To me THATS what Cohibas taste like.


Partagas Series D #4 – A classic, no matter what year you get. Representative of the Partagas blood line with richly wicked spices. Should run you less than $150 if you’re doing it right.


Bolivar Belicoso Finos – Another classic with earthy, leathery goodness. Gives an excellent idea of what Bolis are about. Expect less than $175


Punch Double Corona – I don’t smoke Punch, but if I did I’d smoke this one. Leather and great big soft wood with smoke that is tasty even after exhale. Let’s call it $225. Yes that’s more than $200, so sue me.


Cohiba Siglo II – Read the embedded review, $150 is the going rate.


Partagas Party Short – So goddamn good I can’t help saving the ones I own. Spicy pepper bombs of strength that dissolve into bliss in 30-40 minutes. Should run around $200 for 50, and worth every penny.


The 09 is stronger than I recall the 08s being but it’s strength, not youth. The Grand Marnier induces citrus tastes that are typically well hidden, it’s a good pairing. It’s not what you usually want in this stick, it’s like that one time your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/monkey let you use the hand cuffs. Hey I ain’t judging you, monkeys gotta eat too.


The stick isn’t loose but lord almighty does it smoke. Cloud after cloud of thick white tasty smoke billows forth at the slightest urging. They have developed the slightest sweetness to them with maybe a touch of coffee on a long creamy finish. When a Cohiba is hitting like this Hallie and Megan might have to wait.


H. Upmann Petite Corona – Another brand I don’t smoke a lot of, but I own 7 boxes of this one. Sweet paper and nuts with a taste that can only be described as clarity on the finish. And at $110 it’s priced to move.


Cohiba Robusto – Cohiba now has 4 major lines in the brand, this is one you have to try from the Linea series. But don’t like it, or if you do adjust your mind to the fact if your kids are counting on money from you for college then handing people food thru a window they drive up to is in their future. A fantastic cigar but $250 and it opens the door to where you start to spend enough on cigars to refer to it as “capital.”. However if god smokes and he is limited in taking the best of the best this is what he smokes cause it’s the best of the rest.


The Sig II calms down strength wise and adds a nice woody little backbeat, just a sprinkle. That grassy goodness is there with whispers of sweetness and doing its business like a crack house having a buy one get two free sale. The smoke is intoxicating and way beyond good. The finish is long yet crisp with coffee and light chocolate notes. When this cigar matures to show it’s vanilla roots it’s gonna be something but sadly none of mine are going to live that long.


Hoyo de Monterry Epicure Especiales – Yet another brand I don’t smoke, but it’s either this or the Double Corona for Hoyos. Sweet pecans and light paper notes should run $170 or so.


Ramon Allones Specially Select – Again I don’t smoke RA, except for the Regional Edicion smokes but every “try this noobs” list I ever read says it’s a must try. At $135 per it won’t hurt you too bad.


In the Cohiba pocket right now with just a touch of cafe Au lait goodness coming on the finish. This is a good goddamn cigar. It takes a knock on its grade for flavor, but only because I know what a well aged Sig II can taste like and a fresh one while good holds up poorly in that comparison.


Appearance –10

Construction – 10

Flavor – 7

Value – 10

Overall Experience – 10


Overall Grade – 9.4


Notes: A solid cigar you’ll love assuming you even like Cohibas.


And with that I need to get back to Megan and Hallie. Hopefully they started without me.

2 Responses to ““The Dark Side” by Addiction: What Should I Start With?”

  1. Funny and informative.

    Fully agree on the Partagas Serie 4 D and the Boli picks.

    On the flip side, last box of Part 898’s was horrible, and the last Hoyo D. Corona box had half the stick plugged on me.

    Nice work, man.

    • Addiction said

      Glad you liked it Jeff. I personally believe the 898 to be a significantly better cigar than the PSD4, I couldnt suggest it tho because I’ve only ever smoked aged 898s. I’ve never had one less than 10 years of age so it would wrong to suggest one based on that. And Hoyos, well I wouldn’t smoke those for money lol. Just to mild for my tastes.

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