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The People’s Review: Tatuaje L’Esprit de Verite

Posted by thepeoplechamp82 on August 10, 2010

It’s another Championship Tuesday so you know what that means…another cigar review by yours truly!  I’m excited about this review because I’m reviewing the newly released limited edition Tatuaje L’Esprit de Verite!  This cigar comes from the extremely successful combination of Pete Johnson and Don Pepin Garcia…a cigar that went through a unique process to create this stick.  The tobaccos used for this cigar came from a single crop from the La Estrella farm in Esteli from 2008!  The box that I purchased had a beginning creation date of March 30, 2009 with a completion date of July 3, 2009 and contains 100% Habano Criollo seed.  Enough about the background let’s get right into the review with the specs on this cigar:

Vitola: 5 x 50

Filler: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium

Construction & Pre-light

This cigar has a nice brownish wrapper that’s smooth to the touch.  There are no soft spots to be found and the tobacco is packed in there very nicely.  There are a couple veins on the wrapper but they shouldn’t pose a problem with the burn at all.  The cold draw produces a mixture of tobacco with a little floral hit.  Let’s light it up!

First third

Off the break there’s a nice blast of spice off the first few puffs mixed in with some sweetness…very nice combination to start.  There’s a sort of sweet syrup flavor on the retrohale mixed in with the spiciness (not entirely sure if it’s syrup or molasses but it’s very good).  A touch of leather creeps in as well so this cigar is really producing some unique flavors off the start.  The strength is on the full side of medium giving me a slight nic buzz.  The aroma of the smoke is very floral…almost intoxicating!  The construction is good off the start: nice even burn line tho the ash is burning a little funny…it’s still hold very steady so that’s a plus!

Halfway Point

Moving onto the halfway point and it’s starting to mellow out a bit with more floral notes.  The spice I had in the beginning is lingering around a bit and it’s mixing in with a coffee flavor that’s creeping in and the earlier sweetness.  Strength has mellowed as well from a full medium to medium…not much of a nic buzz now yet still keeping me awake and interested!  The ash is a bit flaky in this portion yet it’s holding very well and the burn line is still even despite the breezy conditions and humidity in the air.  So far, I’m really digging this cigar and I’m wondering how it will finish!

Finish Line

Coming down the home stretch and the spice has faded towards the finish and not as strong as it was in the beginning.  There’s not much to speak of here: just mostly tobacco and floral notes with a little bit of sweetness lingering on the pallet.  The construction remains solid which is always a plus for me when smoking a cigar.  All-in-all a very simple yet enjoyable cigar from beginning to end.

Verdict = Win! This cigar didn’t throw out a lot of different flavors but the flavors it did produce were very good.  I honestly think this is a great project that PHJ undertook!  The burn time was just under 45 mins and spent a little over two weeks in the humi…I believe they are good to smoke right out the box and with more aging will be phenomenal!  If your local B&M received a shipment of these, you owe it to yourself to pick up a box and enjoy this very unique cigar!

That’s all for this week…remember you can follow me on Twitter (@DCsPeoplesChamp) to talk cigars and other stuff and tune in next week for a new review from The Champ!  Keep smoking fine cigars and let the smoke take you away…B&B WE ALL WE GOT!!

-D.C.’s People’s Champ

2 Responses to “The People’s Review: Tatuaje L’Esprit de Verite”

  1. Nice review Champ. Gotta grab some of those & see how they respond with age. This would definitely be a cigar to revisit yearly.

  2. Nice review Ken!

    I picked up a box of robustos myself… gonna smoke a couple this weekend @ the beach. Can’t wait!

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