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Camacho Corojo Candela Monarca: Pocket Hulk!

Posted by dabyrdman33 on August 11, 2010

Since I’m not at IPCPR drinking, smoking, and engaging in the debauchery of those like Skip Martin (@ChiefHava) or Thomas Khammar (@cigarsthomas), I’ve decided to make the most of my time here at work and light up a cigar in my office on a quiet afternoon for a review. Since a good friend of mine has been raving lately over candela cigars and since it has been almost a year since I’ve smoked one, today I am reviewing the Camacho Corojo Candela Monarca. I picked this stick up over a year ago at Leesburg Cigar & Pipe and let me tell you, it was much greener then resembling The Incredible Hulk. After a year of sitting in the desktop humidor, it has lost a lot of its greenish hue in exchange for a light brown wrapper that is dotted with darker brown freckles. The first one of these that I smoked was a real powerhouse especially given the fact that I was smoking it in the car with windows rolled up on an empty stomach. I know, I’m a dumbass, but it was raining that day! Anyway, this cigar was far from mild and really had a grassy flavor to it with a vegetal aroma on the resting smoke. After a year’s time, I’m more than curious to see how this cigar has changed. If you’re looking for inside info on this cigar, let me say that there isn’t much to be offered other than that the Camacho website boasts that this is the only cigar made with “truly Authentic Corojo” in the filler, binder, & wrapper. With that being said, here are the vitals on today’s sacrifice:

Vitola: Robusto

MSRP: $6.50 + tax approx.

Size: 50 x 5

Wrapper: Authentic Corojo

Filler: Authentic Corojo

Binder: Authentic Corojo

Pre-light: The pre-light aroma is really heavy on the sweet tobacco side with a slight hint of a grassy/barnyard aroma coming from the foot. The pre-light draw is ample, as with most Camachos, and produces a flavor of mostly sweet tobacco. In this case, I’m guessing that “simple is good”.

1st third: The first couple of puffs instantly hit me with a blast of pepper both on the palate and on the retrohale. My mouth is really zinging right now. As an aside, I am pairing today’s review with water just because I’m in my office and I want to make sure that nothing interferes with my experience with this cigar so I can provide an accurate comparison to my last encounter. Already, I can tell that the upfront grassy flavors that I experienced the first time have mellowed considerably and this is a much smoother smoke at least from that aspect. The body is definitely full from the word “GO”; however, the strength is probably medium at this stage. I anticipate that the strength will ramp up further along. So far, the ash is a dark gray and while it is holding on, it is kind of “wayward”. The burn line is fairly even and the burn is extremely slow at this point which is keeping the cigar really cool. The pepper blast that dominated the first couple of puffs has subsided and the flavors of slightly sweet tobacco & wood have started to surface. The smoke is really thick and coats the palate fairly heavily.

2nd third: The ash held on for just about the first inch before falling. The flavors are still very similar to the first third; however, I did pick up a slight saltiness on a couple of puffs. The strength is starting to pick up into the medium-full range and it is noticeable. The sweetness has returned mostly on the finish and the wood flavor now takes on a more specific cedar quality. The body is still holding strong in the full range while the smoke continues to be thick, white, and heavy on the palate. The burn line is still even while the peppery spice note has all but disappeared.

Final third: Approaching the band, the ash has fallen again, but the cigar itself has not changed much in the last 15-25 minutes. Removing the band, I notice that a portion of the wrapper is still green albeit not the vibrant green that was present at the time of purchase. The strength is now in the full range and there is a definite nicotine buzz that has got me feeling “right” as my homeboys like to say. The pepper note is back again on my tongue and on my palate but not necessarily on the retrohale. That green portion of the wrapper is not producing a difference in flavor or body but the aroma of the resting smoke is certainly more of a vegetal smell than the rest of the cigar. As I nub the cigar, the flavor is now more of a vegetable-type of flavor. The smoke now feels as if it is coating my tongue and my teeth which is an indication of just how thick the smoke is off of this cigar. The cigar has never really burned hot, but given what’s left I can tell that it is time to put it down.

Overall, I must say that there were qualities that I liked about the aging of this cigar and qualities that I didn’t like. I liked the fact that the cigar was smoother with age and somewhat “sweeter” than the freshly purchased cigar. I did not like the fact that some of the flavor was muted this time around. I still prefer the natural and maduro wrappers in the Corojo line over the candela, but it is definitely a cigar that I would light up for a change of pace. Not worthy of a box purchase in my book, but certainly nice to have a 5-pack around for those occasions. On my unofficial “official” rating scale I give it a 3.9 out of 5 smokes.

Until next time, the only way to fly is to fly high. Happy Smoking folks!


4 Responses to “Camacho Corojo Candela Monarca: Pocket Hulk!”

  1. thepeoplechamp82 said

    Nice review homie…I had this exact same cigar a couple months ago that was sent to me…it was very unique to say the least LOL!

  2. HabanoHam said

    Nice Review Brother! It seems like you had a pretty decent experience with this smoke, maybe I should give this one a try since candelas intrigue me for some reason. My last experience with a candela was unique also, but similar to smoking two bags of dieter’s tea. Thanks for the review

    • Thanks bro. I think when they’re really young & really “green” they tend to be grassy with the tea flavor but a little age gets rid of that. I think I let mine sit longer than I should have. Hope your next experience is better.

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