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The People’s Review: Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary

Posted by thepeoplechamp82 on August 18, 2010

Greetings enthusiasts!  First of all apologies for bringing this review a day late…things happen but I’m still bringing to you your weekly “People’s Review” and this week it’s the newly released Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary!  This cigar was released to commemorate Rocky’s 15-year anniversary of his brand being in the cigar industry.  This box-pressed cigar has had a lot of fanfare prior to its release so let’s not waste anymore time talking (or typing in this instance) and get right into it!

Vitola: Corona Gorda 6″ x 46

Filler: Nicaraguan

Binder: Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Habano Seed Ecuadorian

Strength: Medium


Construction & Pre-light

Let’s inspect this baby to see if there are gonna be any issues and I really dig the gunmetal-colored bands and the nice box-press shape.  The wrapper is a nice dark brown color and very veiny.  The cigar’s packed well and there are no soft spots to speak of (so far so good).  Clip the cap and the draw is good with a slight bit of resistance and it produces a lot of spice on the pallet mixed with tobacco and chocolate; and the aroma’s an awesome cedar smell…enough talk it’s time to light it up!!

The Beginning

This cigar starts off very well with a lot of spice right off the bat!  And I mean a LOT of spice!  The spice mixes in with a berry flavor and cedar.  There’s a nice cocoa flavor on the finish as well.  The strength off the break is on the full side of medium leaving a subtle nic buzz.  The spice is starting to fade even before I make the transition to the halfway mark yet the other flavors remain intact and very pleasant.  The construction (yes I know no one cares about construction and it’s irrelevant but it’s something I’d like to reference) is good with a solid ash and a very good burn line.  All-in-all this 15th Anni is starting off phenomenally and I’m looking forward to what this cigar has in store going forward!

Halfway Point

Moving right along here and the spice has completely vanished (I’m a little sad about that…well not really LOL) but I’m still working with a cedar/chocolate flavor mix and the finish has gotten a bit shorter than before.  Not only has the spice disappeared but so has the berry flavor; strength-wise it has really mellowed out and there’s not much of a nic buzz going forward.  Had to touch it up a bit but that’s of no consequence and the ash is holding up so well!  Coming close to the transition to the closing stretch and now it’s just a mix of cedar, tobacco and a meaty flavor (let the dirty decepticon jokes begin) with the chocolate creeping in and out.  So this portion had a somewhat different feel to it but wasn’t bad…let’s close this out shall we?

Finish Line

Well hello!  That spice that I got from the beginning is starting to creep back in just a touch and fades out just as quickly.  The sweet notes from the beginning are also creeping back in and lingering around along side those meaty notes.  Fine construction all the way to the end and pretty straightforward flavor profile all the way thru with some interesting transitions in the middle of the cigar.  This was an enjoyable stogie to smoke…ok here’s my verdict!

VERDICT = Win (barely)!  Only reason I say barely is because the flavor profile didn’t completely match with my pallet BUT parts of it did satisfy it.  The price point is NOT bad at all and IMHO with some months of aging this cigar has the potential to be out of this world!

Once again, my apologies for being late with this…tune in next week (on our regular day and time) for the next People’s Review!  Until then, let the blue cigar smoke take you away!

-D.C.’s People’s Champ

4 Responses to “The People’s Review: Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary”

  1. Great choice… I’ve been looking for this one. Might take my time with it based on your experience.

    Nice job Ken!

    • thepeoplechamp82 said

      Thanks for your comment Ryan! As I said if this cigar gets more age it could be phenomenal…but that’s just my humble opinion 🙂

  2. tonycasas said

    I have almsot the same reactions. Good stick, just not for me. I actually haven’t found to omany Rocky Patels that have really interested me. The sun grown is good though.

    • thepeoplechamp82 said

      Thanks for your comment Tony! My experience with RP has been hit or miss…the Edge Maduro, Decade and Summer Collection 2008 have been my fav RP cigars.

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