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Oliva Serie G Special G: The Saga of the Short Smoke Continues

Posted by dabyrdman33 on August 20, 2010

Continuing with my trend of reviewing smaller cigars or “short smokes”, this week’s quest brings me to a little Cameroon wrapped beauty by Oliva Cigar. Today’s review stick is…the Oliva Serie G Special G. Before I dive in with my usual background info, a few shout-outs are in order. First, gotta give my buddy Palmer at Old Virginia Tobacco Company in Woodbridge props for providing the cigar for the review. Gotta give a shout out to Brad Arlington, my local Oliva rep, who always looks out for me when he’s in the area. Lastly, gotta shout out my boy Ian Hummel aka OlivaIan (follow him on Twitter) for showing me crazy hospitality in Vegas last year. If you get the opportunity to hang out with this dude, do it! I would be remiss in my shout-out duties if I did not mention the rest of the Oliva gang on Twitter (OlivaDave, OlivaAllan, OlivaCory, and OlivaJosh).

On to the goods! The Oliva website states that the Serie G is a medium body blend made with an authentic African-Cameroon wrapper. The cigar comes in 10 vitolas in the natural wrapper. I have had a few of the Speical Gs, but never really thought of them as “short smokes” until I started looking for lunch time herf opportunities. This is definitely one of those cigars and priced at an excellent price point. Here are the vitals:

Vitola: Special G

Size: 48 x 3.75

Wrapper: African Cameroon

Binder: Cuban-seed Habano

Filler: Nicaraguan Habano

MSRP: $3.95 plus applicable taxes

Burn Time: 35 min. approx.

Once again since this is a short smoke, don’t expect a long review. For the sake of brevity, I have divided this review into halves.

1st half: The wrapper on this cigar is not particularly oily but the cigar is well made and has a good overall appearance. The pre-light draw is a rich coffee flavor with a slight touch of sweetness and tobacco. The draw is firm but not tight and should be adequate throughout. Upon lighting the cigar, the first and most prominent flavor is rich coffee followed by a tobacco note after the first couple of puffs. The cigar produces a hefty amount of white smoke for something so small in stature. Progressing further the cigar yields a slightly sweeter coffee note, which I love in Cameroons, as well as a touch of peppery spice on the retrohale. The ash is mostly gray and holds fairly well before dropping just beneath the band. The body is definitely medium with the strength being a more mild to medium range.

2nd half: After removing the band, the coffee flavor is replaced by a rich tobacco note. The sweetness that was present in the first half is now gone completely, and the peppery spice on the retrohale has mellowed considerably. The coffee note tends to linger more on the finish than the initial exhale of smoke. The cigar continues to burn cool until about the last inch with the body remaining medium and the strength mild to medium. As stated above, the total burn time was about 35 minutes smoking it somewhat slowly and conversing with others present. I think this cigar can be smoked in a shorter time frame; however, I would not recommend it as I am sure the flavor profile would suffer tremendously.

Overall this cigar is definitely one I would put in the box purchase category. The price point is irresistible and given my affinity for “morning coffee” cigars this would definitely work when I want something short for my commute or just relaxing on the deck at home. In the case of today’s review, it made for the perfect post-lunch escape to get my afternoon kick started. On my “official” unofficial scoring system, I would rate this cigar a 4.4 out of 5 smokes.

Until next time, the only way to fly is high!


2 Responses to “Oliva Serie G Special G: The Saga of the Short Smoke Continues”

  1. thepeoplechamp82 said

    I love the Oliva Serie Line! The G is being reintroduced to me…I had a toro the other night that was just unbelievably good! Might have to look for the Super G to have as a short smoke for lunch! Great review homie!

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