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The People’s Review: Cain Maduro Nub – Raising Cain again on a shorter scale!

Posted by thepeoplechamp82 on August 24, 2010

Greetings once again enthusiasts…it’s time once again for another edition of “The People’s Review” this week taking a look at another creation from Sam Leccia!  Coming off the heels of the success of the Nub cigar and the Cain line is a combination of the two lines: The Cain Nub.  This cigar is available for retail in the Habano and the Maduro (there is a Cain F Nub that is only available at events and there’s no word on a national release) so I chose the Maduro that I purchased at Chesapeake Cigar Company in Edgewater, Maryland (props to Mike Lohsl on a great shop…you can follow him on Twitter @ReverendMike).  As T.I. said in one of his earlier songs “NO MO TALK!” LET’S GET TO THE SPECS!

Vitola: 464T (4 x 64 torpedo)

Filler: Nicaraguan ligero

Binder: Nicaraguan ligero

Wrapper: San Andres maduro

Strength: Full

Construction & Pre-light

The wrapper on this cigar has a nice semi-oiliness to it and is quite dark with some veins running through it.  Tobacco is packed evenly throughout the cigar making it very firm.  The draw is effortless and produces some notes of chocolate, a little spice and some hay.  The aroma is mostly tobacco with a slight sweetness as well so with out any further delay let’s get started!  One quick note: due to the size of this cigar, the review will be spilt into halves instead of thirds (just like the reviews done by Da Byrdman during his short cigar series).

First Half

The first half of this cigar starts off with heavy pepper mixed with milk chocolate on the pallet.  The pepper is heavy on the tongue yet very moderate through the nose.  There’s a nice subtle earth tone on the retrohale mixed in and the finish is long with a sweet cocoa.  Definitely a full-bodied cigar, which is to be expected with ligero, providing a strong kick but a smooth smoke.  As to be expected, the burn is phenomenal and the ash is solid and holding very firm (I feel a Nub stand coming).  Now a coffee w/ cream flavor is being introduced and the pepper and strength is starting to settle down.  So far, the first half of this cigar has won me over!  Let’s see how this cigar finishes!

Final Half

Moving on to the finish and there’s mostly the same coffee notes that came through at the end of the first half mixed in with a touch of sweetness and earth.  There’s a faint spice on the back of the pallet though not similar to the peppery notes that were present at the beginning.  In typical Nub fashion, the ash held firm for most of the cigar (was able to stand it up as evident by the picture above) and the burn never wavered.  As the cigar reaches its end I’m starting to get a faint hint of caramel on the retrohale along with the previously mentioned flavors.  The cigar is at its end and I thoroughly enjoyed it so let’s give the verdict shall we?

Verdict = Win!! Not a complex cigar but not a boring cigar either!  In my humble opinion, this is one cigar to have in your humi if you don’t have a lot of time to enjoy a cigar (burn time is around 45 mins) and want something that will satisfy the pallet.  Great work as always from Sam and you can follow him on Twitter @SamLeccia and if you haven’t been to a Nub event, definitely check it out when it comes to your town!

That’s all for this week…hope you enjoyed this review and stay tuned for another review next week…same Champ day same Champ channel!  Keep smoking good cigars and let the smoke take you away!

-D.C.’s People’s Champ

4 Responses to “The People’s Review: Cain Maduro Nub – Raising Cain again on a shorter scale!”

  1. _LOD said

    Great review Champ! I look forward to it soon!!!!

  2. Nice review… I’ve been curious about this one. The thought of the cain flavor in the nub size is intriguing. Might have to pick up a few of these.

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