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The People’s Review: (Throwback) CAO 65th Anni Toro from 2009

Posted by thepeoplechamp82 on August 31, 2010

What’s up enthusiasts!  This week I decided to go back into the vault and break out a review I did a while back on a cigar I never had before.  This review from June 2009 is the CAO 65th Anniversary Toro (at the time I had this cigar in my humi for about 3 months before I smoked it).  Just to let you know the way the review looks will be different from my reviews I’ve done on here (again this is from last year when I just got into cigar reviewing) but please enjoy it.  I hope to have a new review up next Tuesday!

Disclaimer: Just like other people who do reviews…I AM NOT AN EXPERT!!! I am just giving my humble opinion of what I gathered from what I was smoking. Please don’t take my review as the gospel…try it if you can to see if you like it for yourself!

The Champ hasn’t done a cigar review in months but there was a cigar in my humi that has been staring at me every time I opened my humi to grab a smoke. After some months of this, it was time that this cigar went down in flames. This cigar was the CAO 65 Toro.

This cigar was a box pressed toro with a veiny, light-colored wrapper. The cigar was firm but with a little bit of give. I was looking forward to trying this cigar!

The pre-light draw gave off an effortless draw with flavors of strong dark chocolate and coffee with a bit of a cedar flavor (little did I know what I was in store for!).

I got this stogie lit and I was blown away by the flavors and strength that this cigar possessed:

-The strength was medium-to-full leaning more towards full;

-The start has a very toasty flavor to it combined with a fair amount of spice, a little dirt/grass flavor and a nice helping of chocolate and graham cracker notes on the pallet.

-The draw was on point giving off plenty of creamy smoke and the ash was a darkish grey and fairly solid (little funny burn to start)

Halfway through this cigar and this cigar changes up very nicely:

-The spice picks up and it resembles something like hot sauce (it’s unique yet nice),

-The chocolate notes have moved towards the forefront and remain on the pallet on the finish,

-There’s a little more earthiness and it gets more prominent towards the end of the halfway point;

-A small tunneling problem at the start of this point and a funny burn but they both worked themselves out going forward.

The ending was sweet and smooth:

-A combination of graham cracker and spice with some earth tones,

-The chocolate flavor has faded away though it’s still kinda there

-The ash got very solid and burned pretty even.

Now for my final word.

This cigar gets a WIN from The Champ! The flavors and strength are on point (especially after some months in my humi) and the only reason why it didn’t get an Epic Win is because the construction wasn’t as good as it should have been until the halfway point and I’m very critical when it comes to construction. If these cigars are still in production or still being sold anywhere, I’d pick up a few (or even a box) to enjoy! This is only the 4th CAO cigar I enjoy (after the Brazilia, LX2, and MX2) so if you can find it, pick it up and try it!

-D.C.’s People’s Champ

5 Responses to “The People’s Review: (Throwback) CAO 65th Anni Toro from 2009”

  1. Nice review, Champ. I’d like to get my hands on one myself.

  2. Nice review, Champ. I never saw these but then again I never looked for them either. If I can find some I would definitely like to smoke one. I’ll send out a search party to locate these.


  3. JoseFloresJr said

    Nice review man, i actually have one of these cigars in my humidor for when i graduate from college. I chose it because it’s unique and chances after i smoke it i’ll never smoke another one so it will be a truly unique and once in a lifetime experience to celebrate a great achievement in my life. Glad to know that when i finally smoke it that it’s a great smoke and will be worth the wait. Keep up the great work guys

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