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“The Dark Side” by Addiction: I Ain’t Scurred!!

Posted by dabyrdman33 on September 2, 2010

Confessions of a Cuban Cigar Smoker


I ain’t Scurred……


Soooooo let’s start with what is important this week:


Be aware that by emailing the above address you give me permission to reuse your content without remuneration (not that I’m getting any lol). And that I will attempt to respond in a tone and vocabulary that matches the intent of your communication with me.


You see I get the impression that a lot of people have an opinion on my well….on my opinion.  And Byrd has been sheltering me, not so much because I requested anonymity or anything like that, but because he is that kind of guy.  But for the record I don’t care if you’d like to contact me directly and let me know how inappropriate I am or how much you like it or to ask a question of some sort.


Actually I know EXACTLY how inappropriate I am lol.  I warned you before, this is just stream of consciousness stuff that crosses my mind that I write down as stress relief.  Is some of it over the top?  Well I’d say no, but if you say yes the right answer is not to write me to tell me.  The right answer, the real right answer, is to simply stop reading the Friday posts.


So going forward I’ll make sure that for the next however many of these I post there is an email so you can reach out to me directly with what you think about it.  I won’t promise I’ll read it. It’s 50/50 really.  Unless you are like some kinda super upset Jesus freak but then I’d only be reading to make fun of YOU directly rather than to make fun of a whole group of people lol. Actually don’t be offended Jesus freaks, you were just the example used.  Pretty much anyone who is nutty for their cause I’m prolly gonna make fun of cause that’s just me lol.


For the record I don’t hate anyone.  Well technically that’s not true, but I don’t hate generally.  I’m not against gays, lesbians, black, brown, yellow, white, red (I love all 7 of the remaining Native
Americans), women, men, cats, dogs, Catholics, Jews, Arabs…….you get my point here.  So if I target your race, creed, color, religion, sexual preference, previous life choice, etc it’s not because I dislike those people.  It’s because I thought of something funny to say about them.  Hell I’ve made fun of MYSELF in some of the posts so you will just have to learn to live with it.


Also I’ll repeat, if you want to ask questions, request a specific review, etc send em on in.  I’ll get to them unless you are asking me to review balla level cigars cause I don’t smoke like that.


07 Por Larranga Magnifico


Finding someone selling this is harder than having a weight watchers meeting in a Krispy Kreme donut shop. But once found the simple sight of them rewards. The band is easily the most gorgeous that I’ve seen in life with a sheen that resembles the golden ticket. It’s long and thick without being heavy in the hand with a cafe colored wrapper with a light sheen that more than makes up for a few green spots.   


The first puff has some woodiness and nuttiness with a honey and caramel taste on the finish. The caramel stays in the mouth on a long note.  The woodiness is not heavy at all, it’s slight. The nuts I taste I can’t identify clearly, maybe almonds?  The caramel, and it’s clearly caramel; I’d almost retract the honey comment from earlier. It comes thru the nose strongly. Not harsh at all but true and clear is what I mean.  The draw is beyond good and firm yet plentiful, the head still smokes for a full 10 seconds after the pull.  The amount of smoke is more than enough with clouds that float lovingly around your head.   


In an inch the wood has burned itself out and the almond flavor becomes much more subtle. There is a touch of heat there mixed with the pleasantness of the caramel, which has become creamy and floaty and just so nuanced that it has to be tasted to be believed. The ebb and flow is almost like chewing caramel. But I’ve lost the thread a second based on how stunningly amazing this cigar is. And that thread is the heat feels like cinnamon in my mouth but I know that not what I’m tasting. It’s not peppery and it’s not the least bit harsh or green. But the combination of heat and sweet just makes me think of cinnamon. 


After a little while longer the taste becomes classic PLPC to me. Just the right amount of heat and caramel that lingering sweetness and the almond hints. Fantastic cigar to this point which makes it well worth it’s high asking price. 


The rest of the cigar stays in this giant PLPC mode. I think the cigar is showing its youth here in settling out of the amazing and intense flavor profile it first presented.  The expected cost of $40+ is dead on for the way the first third performs but far too much for the last two thirds.  


Appearance – 10 

Construction – 10  

Flavor – 8  

Value – 8  

Overall Experience – 8  


Overall Grade – 8.8   


Notes: Excellent start but after the first third even a well aged PLPC is a disappointment. But this is a cigar that will be fantastic with age. I would have graded this in the mid to high 9s if it continued how it started. 


Follow-up review 8-1-2010


This is about a year after my first. The cigar has matured and picked up depth as well as staying power, displaying it’s pleasant qualities throughout the whole smoke.


Appearance – 10 

Construction – 10  

Flavor – 10

Value – 9

Overall Experience – 9


Overall Grade – 9.6


Notes: This cigar is officially off the fucking charts. I’d consider this a 75 to 100 cigar war chest ager if you can even find them. You damn sure ain’t gonna be mad at yourself if you have a box of these to open come 2017…..assuming you can keep your hands off them right now lol! 

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