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Quesada Tributo Julio: A B&B Tag Team Match!

Posted by dabyrdman33 on September 3, 2010

For the first time ever, in the same ring, The B&B Club is coming to you with its first joint review. Since “The Champ” is involved, and being a rabid wrestling fan, we’ll call this a tag team effort. Today’s cigar review is the Quesada Tributo Julio. The Tributo was created by the Quesada family as a tribute to the original family members with each vitola bearing the name of a family member (Alvaro, Alvarito, Julio, & Manolin). We have chosen the Julio, a 50 x 5 robusto, as our vitola of choice for this review. I must give credit to Ken (@DCsPeoplesChamp) for the photos, since I was too lazy and encumbered with work activities to take photos myself. I also need to note, since this review was done on separate dates and separate times, we have not spoken to each other about notes on this cigar. Each entry below was created without any input from the other party. With that being said, let’s get it on!

Quesada Tributo Julio

Size: 50 ring x 5 inches

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatra

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan & Dominican

MSRP: $5.50 – $6 plus applicable taxes

Construction & Pre-Light

Champ: The cigar has a nice chocolate brown wrapper on it with one prominent vein running vertically up the cigar.  Upon inspecting the cigar with some soft squeezing there’s not a single soft spot and the cigar is packed very well.  The pre-light aroma is a mixture of tobacco and hay; the pre-light draw is slightly open and gives off a mixture of tobacco and cocoa with a slight spicy tingle on the lips.

DaByrdman: This robusto has a dark chocolate brown wrapper and is packed firmly with no noticeable blemishes. There is only one real vein to speak of, but otherwise a very nice looking presentation. The triple cap is neatly applied. The pre-light aroma is a rich tobacco aroma with some barnyard hay notes. The pre-light draw consists of semi-sweet tobacco and chocolate.

First third

Champ: The first couple puffs give off a lot of earthiness with a subtle spice on the back of the throat.  There’s a nice cocoa finish on the palate after each puff in the beginning.  There’s also a nice graham cracker flavor on the retrohale that I don’t sense on the palate.  A very mellow cigar so far, just incredibly smooth and tasty.  Construction is superb and the draw is producing a lot of white creamy smoke.  I would describe the flavor and strength to both be on the medium side creating a very good balance so far.  As I transition to the halfway point that subtle spice is barely yet still hanging around.

DaByrdman: The cigar opens with a medium amount of smoke and flavors of rich tobacco and leather. There is noticeable spiciness on the retrohale, but it’s not a peppery spice. This spice is more like the kick you get when you eat horseradish, wasabi, or Chinese hot mustard. Let me just say that it is very nice! The burn is even and the ash is dark grey in color. The ash is pretty firm and manages to hold for about the first inch and a half. The body is medium at this point as well as the strength.

Halfway point

Champ: Moving on to the halfway point and the spice has mellowed out considerably yet it’s still very earthy with that graham cracker in the mix.  The finish has shifted as well to a more lingering coffee note with some earth tones.  The draw continues to be on point continuing to produce some nice creamy smoke; the construction is pretty much flawless as the burn line is razor sharp and the ash is solid.  So far through half of this cigar, it has definitely mellowed out a lot but it’s still keeping my attention.  How will it finish?

DaByrdman: The leather remains the prominent note; however, the spiciness on the retrohale has diminished considerably. A dark chocolate note makes an appearance, and while not sweet, it has the bite of an 80-85% Cacao chocolate bar. The burn continues to be fairly even though the cigar is starting to tunnel which may be of concern. The body has increased to the medium-full range as the smoke begins to form a coating on my palate. The strength is still in the medium range, but I sense a change is coming as I approach the end. A nice rich black coffee note comes on toward the end of the second third. So far, this cigar is exhibiting great complexity and has really kept me on my toes.

Finish Line

Champ: Moving into the final stretch and the coffee flavors are starting to take over on the palate.  The graham cracker flavors are getting stronger through the nose as well.  There’s some grassiness on the back of the palate with a small trace of spice mixed in on the back.  The finish is mostly coffee with a slight tingle of spice.  Not getting much else towards the end flavor-wise but the construction towards the end has never wavered.  A very consistent and tasty cigar to say the least!

DaByrdman: Approaching the end of this cigar, the leather is still hanging in there though not as prominent as earlier. The tunneling issue managed to work itself out which was a bonus because a bountiful flow of both smoke and flavor has returned. The rich coffee note is at the forefront now with the chocolate also taking a back seat. The body really surprised me as now it is what I consider “full”. My palate is entirely coated with the flavor of this cigar, and I think this one is going to sit with me for a while. The strength has also ramped up to the medium-full range. No noticeable nicotine “buzz”, but it definitely has gotten my attention. The spice that was so powerful and prevalent at the outset has returned though muted greatly. It is still very enjoyable. After 52 minutes of burning, I am wishing there was more left to be smoked.

Final Thoughts

Champ: Verdict = Win!  Definitely a cigar I’d want to get more of when I see them!  Fits my palate for the most part though I would have liked to have experienced a little more flavor-wise. 

DaByrdman: I am definitely a fan of this cigar. The strength is sneaky and could possibly trip up someone who is primarily a mild cigar smoker yet it is not overpowering. The body and complexity are definitely winners in my book. I would give this cigar stratospherically high marks except for the tunneling issue that I experienced. I still think that this cigar is a steal at the price and definitely worthy of a box purchase. On my unofficial “official” rating scale, I give the Quesada Tributo Julio a 4.5 out of 5.

Well, that concludes the first B&B Cigar Club tag team review. Look for more of these in the future. As always, we like feedback so feel free to tell us if you like the joint review format or if you would like to comment on your own experiences with this cigar. Also don’t to forget to check out The B&B Cigar Club Fan Page on Facebook.

Thanks again for the support.

DaByrdman & The Champ

B&B! We all we got! Am I my brother’s keeper? YES I AM!

4 Responses to “Quesada Tributo Julio: A B&B Tag Team Match!”

  1. Matthew said

    Great job tag teaming the Tributo! I’ve got one of these resting and may just have to light it up this weekend.

  2. HabanoHam said

    Nice Review Guys! It was nice getting both viewpoints and it sounds like the cigar is pretty consistent and something I would enjoy. Thanks for the A1 review.

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