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The Dark Side by Addiction: “Sometimes It’s EXACTLY What It Looks Like…”

Posted by dabyrdman33 on September 10, 2010

Confessions of a Cuban Cigar Smoker


Sometimes It’s EXACTLY What It Looks Like…..


Reach me, if you feel you need to, at Be aware that by emailing the above address you give me permission to reuse your content without remuneration (not that I’m getting any lol). And that I will attempt to respond in a tone and vocabulary that matches the intent of your communication with me.


Aight, all done with the form letter. Something else that’s been on my mind is how can there still be people who believe Michael Jackson was innocent? I mean seriously how damn dumb can you be?


I get where you coming from; I mean sure some black men have been wrongly accused, jailed and/or murdered in times past but that don’t all of a sudden mean Pookie ain’t a damn crackhead. Sometimes shit is as simple as it looks.


Even if you wanted to give someone the benefit of the doubt let’s work the logic a little. Let’s say somehow one single child says you touched his pee pee. You might deserve the benefit of the doubt that could have been a simple positioning accident. Or maybe you were shooing away a fly or something……for five consecutive fucking minutes. If it was one time I ain’t gonna judge you and I think other people should give you a chance. I specifically say other people cause if you bring yo child molesting ass round my house you gonna need a life time supply of those rubber hands cause I’m chopping ya shit off.


Anyway one incident is explainable, to other people I suppose. However 3-4 times and your ass needs to be in somebody’s jail being traded for Marlboro Reds and ass wipe. But even that is possibly explainable by gold digging parents cooking up a kooky scheme. I’m pretty sure at least one set of parents was trying to hit the “Don’t tell the Inquirer about this” sweepstakes. But MJ went farther than even THAT. So many boys had accused him you coulda collected them all up and started the Harlem Boys Choir. At that point you’ve touched more little boy pee pee than Spiderman Underoos.


Hell in 1984 when MJ had Emmanuel Lewis on his lap for the whole ceremony of the Grammies I knew something was wrong. As a black man I can guarantee you this: we don’t want to hold our own children for more than 8 minutes. So if you have a brother at your house who wants to hold little Ray-Rays bad ass for an hour and a half be suspicious cause that dude is trying to get some ass from somebody. And that somebody is prolly wearing a onsie.


And then that mothafucka went on national TV and said sharing your bed with a ten year old boy is the most loving thing you can do? NATIONAL FUCKING TV???? When he did that I dropped my fucking coke and screamed “What the fuck did that nigga say? Now I try not to use that word on the Internet because it will inevitably cause one of you Caucasians to either get to comfortable or go all Ann Coultier and get your ass whipped with your own thigh bone. There shouldn’t be any use for that word but sometimes there just ain’t nothing else to say. Hell somebody is thinking that shit right now about what I just typed.


It doesn’t matter who you are, how much education you have, how forward thinking you are. I gotta believe that Martin and Malcolm have looked down from the great beyond on that seesaw yo grannie have a drawing of they ass on many a time and said “What did that nigga say?” Both mostly regarding Al Sharpton, cause 90% of the time that niggardly speaks it’s the “What did that nigga say?” lottery for the media.


I can guarantee you this: Maya Angelou, Oprah and Barack Obama were having dinner and planning a fund raiser for Baracks two presidential runs and decided to watch a little TV. They settle in with some goat cheese soufflé with granny smith apples, chicken sausage and truffle oil, cause Steadman has that kinda time on his hands. And they clicked on the TV and heard MJ said “being a grown man and sharing a bed with a ten year old boy while wearing only a thong made of Saran Wrap and baby oil is the most loving experience you can have.”


Oprah dropped her 1978 Chateau L’Evangile Pomerol.


Maya Angelou said, and I quote, “What the fuck did that nigga say?”


Barack responded “Oh hell naw, that nigga done lost his damn mind.” and Oprah responded “Fo real man, pass me that fried chicken.” but only because they were outta twinkee ham sandwiches, hell even Steadman can’t keep up with that demand.


Hmmmm I don’t know that I ever had a point, I might have just been ranting. On to the review I guess.


07 Trinidad Robusto Extra


Woodiness but not heavily so. Earthy goodness with a strong pepper backbeat. And a component of fruitiness in the nose. Feels like a 98 fundy to me I swear, just a bigger pull.


Pepper gets serious, has depth and heat without harshness. The wood takes on sweetness and a smoky note. Just like a 98 fundy.


Pepper gets deeper gives the stick kinda of a brothy taste to me. It has so much depth, so silky it’s like a huge red cab. So big, rich, flavorful, thoughtful and complex.


Pepper gets lighter, whiter. Fruit body left a while ago I was enjoying it too much to care. Makes gorgeous white smoke that’s a little harsh if reinhaled. Also in the last third nosing requires more control to avoid harsh tastes. Luckily so far those are the only signs of youth and are easily tolerated.


Gets sour and bitter with 2 inches left.



Appearance – 10 

Construction – 10  

Flavor – 8

Value – 10

Overall Experience – 7


Overall Grade – 9.7


Notes: Excellent cigar


You mighta believed he was innocent but I bet you wouldn’t let his ass babysit…….

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