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“The Dark Side” by Addiction: A Straight Up Review

Posted by dabyrdman33 on September 24, 2010

Sorry to disappoint you regular Friday readers, but this is all I got from Addiction this week. Lets hope he gets a break from work to bless us with a few more comedic gems. If you have a Cuban cigar you would like to see reviewed, leave him a comment and Ill pass it on.

– DaByrdman


Confessions of a Cuban Cigar Smoker


All work and no play


You’ll have to hold this review instead of my planned feature; work is kicking my ass right now.


09 San Cristobel de la Habanos La Punta


Bitter coffee is the first taste, a sharpness through the nose reminded one of a shrewish wife with a long to do list after a night of boilermakers. There are other tastes present maybe honey and a slight bit of Graham cracker. The coffee becomes unbitter and the Graham cracker and honey fill out the taste a little more. 


The wrapper starts to split a bit. Within an inch the coffee is gone altogether and the Graham cracker taste is hushed. There is some pepper to the taste now mostly in the backside and on the finish which is not really noteworthy. The cigar has a good kick to it somewhere between medium and full but it’s hard for my palate to tell the difference between the nicotine kick and the sharpness of the cigars youth. It’s still at the point in its maturation where it wants to run down the hill and fuck a filly rather than walk down the hill and fuck em all to borrow from an old joke. 


The after taste is unpleasant and I can’t put my finger on what it is.  It clears after another inch and the sharpness through the nose settles down as well. There is a real flavor void for me right now. A little of the Graham cracker stays and what may be some nuts. It’s not bad but it’s mostly just a smoking cigar. It’s got some punch to it for sure and a nice toastiness to it.  It’s not much of a smoke to this point which is the halfway point. I say it again, it’s not bad but it has been so far rather unremarkable. There is a niceness to it over all but even that is pretty unremarkable.


The entire 2nd third goes without a commentable offense.  Same with the last third.   


Appearance – 6 

Construction – 7 

Flavor – 7

Value – 7

Overall Experience – 7 


Overall Grade – 6.8


Notes: A decent cigar neither reprehensible
nor recommendable. 



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