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Anything But Regular: E.P. Carrillo Core Line

Posted by dabyrdman33 on October 28, 2010






Note:  This review is dedicated to the memory of Champ’s uncle Abraham. R.I.P.

I must say that I have developed quite a taste for the recent cigars produced by Ernest Perez-Carrillo.  The Short Run, previously reviewed here, being my favorite.  With that in mind, I decided to take the plunge and give the EP Carrillo Core Line a shot.  I picked up a couple from Mike Huff over at Cigar Connection (@CigarConnection) at a shade under $8 a piece.  While the 2010 Short Run and 2009 Inaugural are intended to be limited production runs, the Core line is intended to be the “regular” blend for E.P. Carrillo.  I hate to bore you with all of the particulars so as always you can get the skinny straight from Mr. Carrillo here.

On to the cigar:

Vitola: Toro (Club)
Size: 52 x 5 7/8
Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua/Dominican Republic
MSRP: $7.65

Tonight’s review is being performed on-location at Bailey’s Pub & Grille with my buddy Paul (@PDB_BANDB), hence the horrible lighting for the photos.  I am pairing the cigar with some Dogfish Head Punkin’ Ale.

Construction/Pre-light:  The cigar has a medium brown wrapper with a small otherwise inconspicuous vein and a neatly applied triple cap.  The cigar is firmly packed with no tangible soft spots.  The pre-light aroma consists of sweet tobacco & barnyard hay.  The pre-light draw is pure sweet tobacco flavor.  The draw is free and ample.

First third:  Upon lighting, I am getting lots of smoke with each draw.  The dominant taste is a sweet tobacco flavor with a creamy texture and black coffee on the finish. The cigar is medium bodied with mild-medium strength.  The ash is solid with a salt and pepper color.  The burn is off just slightly, but it should correct itself.  There is a very nice spice flavor on the retrohale.

Midpoint:  As I progress further, the sweet tobacco & coffee flavors still dominate.  The cigar is now producing a ton of smoke which is extremely delightful.  The smoke still has a very smooth texture and is easy on the palate.  The cigar remains medium bodied with a slight uptick to medium strength.  I am beginning to notice a wrapper crack at the head, but it is not hindering the experience.  The burn has evened out as expected.  I am now getting spice on the tongue as well as the retrohale.  It is a light allspice or pumpkin pie spice.  This is definitely being accentuated by the beer, but nevertheless very tasty.

Final third:  Nearing the end, the spice on the retrohale is fading. A peppery spice on the tongue remains as the sweetness is starting to fade.  The creamy texture of smoke is like a mild cigar but the finish on the palate is medium.  The burnline is still even and sharp.  The ash is beginning to flake slightly but at this point, who cares.  The strength finishes in the medium range.

Final thoughts:  Once again Ernesto has another winner in my book.  Loads of smoke, flavor, and an all-around great experience.  This cigar is definitely worthy of 5-pack status and maybe even box purchase status if you enjoy as many cigars as I do.  If you like the Short Run, you will not be disappointed by this cigar.  On my unofficial “official” rating system, I give it 4.6 out of 5 smokes.

Until next time, happy smoking.


4 Responses to “Anything But Regular: E.P. Carrillo Core Line”

  1. The Champ said

    Awesome review and thanks for the dedication to my uncle!

  2. Dalamscius said

    Nicely done review! I think my expectations of this cigar were a little higher and it fell a bit short but it’s still a good smoke. I’m thinking some time in the humi will benefit these sticks

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