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Drew Estate Undercrown Robusto

Posted by dabyrdman33 on April 12, 2012


Since the Byrdcave is under construction today and I have an hour or two to spare, I figured I’d post a brief write-up on the Drew Estate Undercrown. Given my affinity for the Liga Privada and Serie Unico lines, this should fit in nicely. Here’s the skinny on the Undercrown:

Vitola: Robusto
Size: 54 x 5″
Price: $8 approx.
Packaging: 25-count boxes

Pre-light: The wrapper is dark & richly colored, toothy, with a few veins. The aroma is strong cedar from head to foot. The draw is open and ample with hints of cedar and coffee. The cigar is firmly packed with no noticeable soft spots.


First third: Exactly what I expected from this cigar, incredibly smooth yet full of flavor. Notes of dark roast coffee and a hint of cedar are predominant. The burn is extremely even and efficient as this cigar like its cousin, the Liga Privada, puts off a great amount of resting smoke. The ash is mostly white with some flecks of grey sprinkled throughout. The strength is medium while the body is more along the line of medium-full.


Second third: Just about at the halfway point and this cigar is still delivering stellar performance. The ash managed to hold on for almost half the cigar before a stiff breeze caught it and deposited it on my shirt. The strength is still what I consider medium which is deceiving considering how smooth the cigar smokes. The body is right on the cusp of being full, more for the depth of flavor than heaviness on the palate. The smoke is copious and thick coming in white clouds with a pillowy mouthfeel. The dominant flavor is still that dark coffee component but the cedary wood has now crept into the mix. The burn is incredible in that you can step away from the cigar and when you return it still smokes like it was just lit.


At the band: The burn has gotten a little wavy, thanks to the wind, but there’s no need for touch ups. Still a ton of pillowy white smoke with each puff. From experience, if you smoke this in the car, roll the windows down and open the moonroof or prepare to get smoked out. The flavor profile has continued to be dark roast coffee throughout with the cedar peeking in for brief appearances. The body is now more into the full range while the strength is still very much medium. I’m starting to notice a slight peppery tinge on my tongue but I actually find it to be inviting at this point. This cigar will probably lose its ash one more time before I put it down which is incredible to me. I do find myself ashing this cigar more when I’m in the car just to ensure that I don’t end up wearing it.


Final thoughts: The Drew Estate Undercrown is a wonderful cigar that provides a great experience for those that find the Liga Privada line to be hard to acquire. The price point is excellent for what this cigar delivers in a little over an hour of smoking time. If you’re looking for rich, consistent flavors and a quality cigar experience, then this cigar is for you. My rating according to is 96 out of 100.

Thanks again to all eight of you for making this venture worthwhile. Until next time, may all your cigars and fine spirits find their way to my cabinets.



3 Responses to “Drew Estate Undercrown Robusto”

  1. C.W. Harris said

    Fantastic write-up. That is my Go-To stick.

  2. Matthias said

    Man I really want to try this stick now.

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