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Posted by PDB_BANDB on July 13, 2012

What’s up  B & B faithful? 
Back for the 3rd week in a row. I puttin out hits like a factory.
Thanks for stopping by to check out my latest review of the Perdomo Patriarch Corona Extra.
The Patriarch has a great story behind the production of this cigar. visit for more on the history of this cigar.
This was a cigar that I received from Cigar Rights of America for signing up for a new membership.
For everyone that is reading this post and you are not a member of CRA, may I suggest that you become a member TODAY!! Please visit their website to sign up or renew your membership. That’s my PSA for the month. Back to the topic at hand.
Manugacturer-Perdomo Cigars
Wrapper-Nicaraguan Maduro
Size- 5/58 x 46
Price Point Around $6 a Cigar
Smoke time – 60 to 75 minutes
I will be having this cigar with a little French Vanilla Coffee and Water.
Pre light/construction- The construction is good. No noticeable flaws or defects. The cigar is firm to the touch with a few soft spots. Getting a little of a mint smell from the wrapper and hints of cocoa on the pre light dry hale. Of course I will be using my Xikar cutter to cut the cap and my C I Lotus to toast the foot.
First Third-This Patriarch is starting out on a good note. Still getting a cocoa/coffee flavor with some spice on the end. The ash is holding strong with a beautiful gray color. The draw on this cigar is great and giving off plenty of smoke on the retro hale as well as a good amount of resting smoke with a good even burn.
Next 3rd-The burn on this Perdomo is still good, Steady and even thus far. The flavor has changed to an earthy profile with a bit more spice. This is a flavor profile that I would usually not get into because it would be to harsh for me. With me looking to enhance my palate and broaden my flavor profile of cigars, I’m sticking with it. The ash seems to hold for about an inch or so then it falls off.
Final 3rd- Flavor is holding steady with the earthy leather notes with the spice on the back of the palate. Nor the cocoa or coffee notes ever came back. On the strength side I would put this at a medium to full-bodied profile. I did have to relight at the start of this section but that’s because I was on the phone with moms not because of the cigar.
Final Thoughts-This turned out to be a very good cigar. It was very consistent with the flavor profile and the burn. The ash would fall almost like clock work. There were no issues with this cigar.
Using for the rating, and it comes in at an 89.
This does not mean it was a bad cigar. I am just getting use to the flavor profile of a cigar like this.
Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion of the Perdomo Patriarch and as always, we welcome your comments.
Until next time,
Happy Smokin.


  1. Mario said

    Cool. Thank for the review I have a couple of these in the box at the crib will have to burn on to compare.

  2. Great review, Paul. Glad to see you’re stepping out of your comfort zone a little bit. Still looking for a Perdomo that tickles my fancy.

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