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Archive for the ‘Full’ Category


Posted by PDB_BANDB on July 13, 2012

What’s up  B & B faithful? 
Back for the 3rd week in a row. I puttin out hits like a factory.
Thanks for stopping by to check out my latest review of the Perdomo Patriarch Corona Extra.
The Patriarch has a great story behind the production of this cigar. visit for more on the history of this cigar.
This was a cigar that I received from Cigar Rights of America for signing up for a new membership.
For everyone that is reading this post and you are not a member of CRA, may I suggest that you become a member TODAY!! Please visit their website to sign up or renew your membership. That’s my PSA for the month. Back to the topic at hand.
Manugacturer-Perdomo Cigars
Wrapper-Nicaraguan Maduro
Size- 5/58 x 46
Price Point Around $6 a Cigar
Smoke time – 60 to 75 minutes
I will be having this cigar with a little French Vanilla Coffee and Water.
Pre light/construction- The construction is good. No noticeable flaws or defects. The cigar is firm to the touch with a few soft spots. Getting a little of a mint smell from the wrapper and hints of cocoa on the pre light dry hale. Of course I will be using my Xikar cutter to cut the cap and my C I Lotus to toast the foot.
First Third-This Patriarch is starting out on a good note. Still getting a cocoa/coffee flavor with some spice on the end. The ash is holding strong with a beautiful gray color. The draw on this cigar is great and giving off plenty of smoke on the retro hale as well as a good amount of resting smoke with a good even burn.
Next 3rd-The burn on this Perdomo is still good, Steady and even thus far. The flavor has changed to an earthy profile with a bit more spice. This is a flavor profile that I would usually not get into because it would be to harsh for me. With me looking to enhance my palate and broaden my flavor profile of cigars, I’m sticking with it. The ash seems to hold for about an inch or so then it falls off.
Final 3rd- Flavor is holding steady with the earthy leather notes with the spice on the back of the palate. Nor the cocoa or coffee notes ever came back. On the strength side I would put this at a medium to full-bodied profile. I did have to relight at the start of this section but that’s because I was on the phone with moms not because of the cigar.
Final Thoughts-This turned out to be a very good cigar. It was very consistent with the flavor profile and the burn. The ash would fall almost like clock work. There were no issues with this cigar.
Using for the rating, and it comes in at an 89.
This does not mean it was a bad cigar. I am just getting use to the flavor profile of a cigar like this.
Thank you for taking the time to read my opinion of the Perdomo Patriarch and as always, we welcome your comments.
Until next time,
Happy Smokin.

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A Nicaraguan Beauty

Posted by PDB_BANDB on July 6, 2012

What’s up B & B faithful,
I’m back for the second week in a row with another cigar review
Today I am smoking the Tarazona 305 Torpedo
Wrapper- Costa Rican
Filler- Nicaraguan
Binder- Nicaraguan 
Size- Toro Torpedo 6.5 x 52
This cigar was given to me by Eddie Tarazona himself @TarazonaCigars at a recent Event in Maryland. 
The construction on this 305 is good. It’s firm to the touch with a great aroma to it & no defects in the roll. 
This Costa Rican Maduro is considered to be a full-bodied cigar. 
I will be using my trusty Xikar cutter to snip the top of this torpedo and my C I Lotus torch to toast the foot. 
Drink of choice will be Heineken and water for this review. 
On the dry hale I’m getting creamy notes with a little sweetness from the wrapper. 
First 3rd- Getting a smooth creamy like flavor with a little spice on the back of the palette and the sweetness on the lips from the wrapper. Burn is going good with a gray/black ash. 
Second 3rd- A few changes on the flavor profile. The spice has dissipated and cocoa has been introduced. That was a nice change-up. The ash didn’t hold very well, it ended up falling in my lap. Not nice. Also experiencing a little uneven burn at this point. I would consider the strength of the cigar at this point to be a medium bodied smoke. 
Finale 3rd-The issue with the burn has fixed itself but the ash has fallen again, this time it hit the floor. Since I’m having problems with the ash I’m guessing this cigar is a little on the dry side. The spice on the back of the palette has come back and the cocoa has rescinded a little but still noticeable. Had another uneven burn issue but it quickly fixed itself. 
Final Thoughts- I would have to say this was a great cigar. I only had a couple of minor burn issues that with a few more puffs of the cigar fixed themselves. Never had to do any re-lighting even after having it rest for about 6-8 minutes. Not a lot of resting smoke and the flavors of the cigar were good. 
This is one I will definitely look to stock in the humidor and recommend you give the Tarazona 305 a try.
With a price point of just over $8 a cigar, I think it is worth it. 
Using it comes in at a WHOPPING 99. 
Smoke time approximately 1 hr 15 min. 
Thanks for taking the time to read my opinion of this cigar. 
Happy Smokin, 

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The People’s Review: Berger & Argenti Entubar…Raising the Bar!

Posted by thepeoplechamp82 on October 26, 2010

What’s up enthusiasts!  D.C.’s People’s Champ is back again this time with a cigar review for your reading!  This week’s post is the new offering from Berger & Argenti that was released after this year’s IPCPR show: the Entubar.  This cigar is extremely unique in its construction of all Nicaraguan tobaccos mixed with ligero wrapped in an Ecuadorian Connecticut-seed wrapper.  You can read about the background of this cigar by visiting their website here. This review is of the torpedo so let’s not waste any time…LET’S LIGHT IT UP!!

Vitola: Torpedo 6 7/8″ x 56

Filler: Cuban-seed Nicaraguan with ligero

Binder: Cuban-seed Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Ecuadorian “Desflorado” Connecticut-seed

Strength: Full

Construction & Pre-light

This cigar has a smooth brown wrapper with some veins running up and down the cigar but shouldn’t pose a problem. There isn’t a single soft spot on the Entubar and the unique 1/4″ of ligero tobacco at the foot is something you can’t you can’t stop looking at! There’s a nice grassy aroma and the draw is perfect giving off a sweet and peppery mix. Let’s get started shall we?!


First Third

Right off the first couple puffs the ligero leaf really makes an impact with heavy pepper mixed with coffee and a slight earthiness. The start is incredibly smooth and balanced showing a great pairing of the cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos, the ligero tobacco and the Ecuadorian wrapper. As I move past the ligero foot, the flavor starts to become very creamy with some notes of hay. I’m loving the burn on this stick: very even and sharp, solid whitish-gray ash and holding firm in the wind. There’s a lot of smoke coming from each puff and a lot of resting smoke as well. This is definitely a full flavored and full strength cigar: a lot of flavor right out in front of the palate and a strong nic buzz. So far, this cigar has started off really great…let’s see how it smokes going forward!


Halfway Point

Moving into the halfway mark of the Entubar and it’s still showing that Nicaraguan and Ecuadorian quality flavor-wise: sweet, slightly peppery, earthy and creamy. Nice sweet creamy finish that’s clean and smooth. Despite a very windy night in the DMV, the ash on this stick is really holding firm…very amazing IMHO! Through the halfway point, I don’t have a single negative thing to say about the Entubar…this blend has really gotten my attention and has convinced me so far that’s it’s well worth the price of admission! Let’s finish this smoke and see what it produces!


Finish Line

Sadly, I’m getting to the end of the Berger & Argenti Entubar and it’s a very mellow finish. There’s no evidence of the spice and pepper that I experienced before but it’s still very sweet, creamy and earthy. The finish is still very clean and enjoyable with each puff and the smoke remains cool and smooth. The construction is superior (something this company prides themselves on with this line) and the flavor and strength are extremely on point! To paraphrase, this is a phenomenal full-bodied cigar…so you can guess what my verdict’s going to be!

VERDICT=EPIC WIN!!! The price point doesn’t make this an everyday cigar but it is definitely a cigar to get your hands on! This particular size goes for around $10-11 a stick but IMHO it’s well worth the price and more…plenty of flavor that’s right there in front of you, superior construction and just an overall awesome experience! Make a trip to your local B&M and pick up a couple of these and see for yourself!

Normally I’d end off my review with a sign-off but before I do that I wanted to let you enthusiasts know about some events going on here in the DMV in the near future that we hope you can attend if you are in the area:

-October 30 is the D.C. area Halloween herf hosted by yours truly and Professor Frank at Bailey’s Pub and Grille at Ballston Commons Mall in Arlington, Virginia. There’s a possible costume contest for cigars if enough people come in costume so come dressed up!

-November 5: Come to Bailey’s to herf with our guest from New York, Nat Sherman tobacconist Lindsay Heller (@TheCigarChick on Twitter) from 7pm-until.

-November 6: The Monthly B&B Herf at Bailey’s Fredricksburg, Virginia where we’ll be celebrating one of the founding fathers of the group’s birthday…that’s right it’s “Big Pimpin” Paul Ballard’s birthday so come out and celebrate!

That’s all for this week…tune in next week for a new post from The Champ and remember…B&B WE ALL WE GOT!!!

-D.C.’s People’s Champ

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The Xikar HC Series: Habano Colorado Toro

Posted by dabyrdman33 on September 22, 2010

When you hear or read the name Xikar, the first thought that comes to mind is of the top-notch cutters, lighters, and travel humidors that they produce among other accessories. Xikar ventured into producing cigars back in 2007 with the Defiance line in direct response to the increasing cigar-related legislation and taxation issues. Here’s a link to the press release from 2007 and a direct quote from that release, “The DEFIANCE™ cigar brand was created by Xikar in direct response to the ever-growing legislatively & tax based oppression of cigar smokers, retailers and manufacturers in the United States. The DEFIANCE™ brand will seek to unite cigar enthusiasts with a cigar brand whose bold identity & taste promotes the need for an equally bold resistance to the oppressive forces that attempt to destroy timeless traditions.” Since entering the cigar scene with that bold statement back in 2007, Xikar has gone on to partner with Jesus Fuego as master blender on the HC Series. The HC Series comes in three different blends, Habano Colorado (6 vitolas), Connecticut Shade (5 vitolas), and Criollo (4 vitolas). For a more in-depth look at each blend and the different vitolas click

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