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Archive for the ‘Mild’ Category


Posted by PDB_BANDB on June 29, 2012

Hello to the B & B faithful,
Thank you for stopping in to check out the latest cigar review.
Today I am smoking  the Julius Caeser by Diamond Crown.
I received this cigar from a recent Diamond Crown event at the Tinder Box Cigar and Tobacco store (  in Waldorf Md.
Manufacturer- Diamond Crown Cigars 
Wrapper- Ecuador, Havana-seed
Binder- Dominican Republic
Filler- Carribbean Basin, Central America. Aged for 5 years. 
Size- 6.0 x 52
 Construction is good. No major issues. It does have a minor split at the foot of the cigar but this shouldn’t cause any problems.
I Cut the tip with my Xikar Room101 cutter, which gives a clean-cut. 
On the dry pull I’m getting a little sweet notes from the wrapper and a little hints of oat. 
Before I proceed to light the Julius Caeser with my Lotus Torch Lighter I take a sip of my drink of choice for this cigar, Ron Zacapa Xo Gran Reserva Especial. 
First third- not getting much of any flavor just a little hint of oat. The burn is very good with plenty of smoke on the retro hale. The ash is gray with no flaking and holding strong. I hope it starts to give me more flavor as I continue to smoke.
Second Third- Into the second third of this cigar and I notice a little fraying in the wrapper. Don’t think it will effect the smoke, but we’ll see. The flavor has changed to just tobacco and nothing else. The burn is still going strong and the ash is holding on very good. But I am really looking for something to happen with the flavor profile.
Final Third- As this JC is coming to a close nothing has changed. Still no other flavor than tobacco. The ash is still strong and still giving off plenty of smoke. 
Final Thoughts-This JC didn’t give much to admire on the flavor profile or the strength side. The construction was the best part of this cigar. The ash did hold strong and give off plenty of smoke and the burn was even all the way through. The strength and the flavor for the Julius Caeser is very mild. Sorry to say, but I didn’t get any of those bold, rich distinctive flavors that the web site (WWW.DIAMONDCROWN.COM) says you should get. 
Using WWW.YOURCIGARRATINGS.COM to rate the Julius Caeser and it comes back with a rating of 54.
Smoke time- 45-60 min. 
Thanks for taking the time for reading my opinion of this cigar. 
Happy Smokin. 

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Diamond Crown Robusto #4 by J. C. Newman

Posted by dabyrdman33 on June 22, 2010

This post has been milling around on a note pad for quite some time and I’ve finally had a chance to post it for the masses to read. Several months ago, I reviewed the Diamond Crown Robusto #4 that I received from the Big Smoke Las Vegas back in 2009. For you factoid hungry readers, you can go here to get the entire skinny on the Diamond Crown line. For the rest of you, let’s get into the review…

Size: 54 ring x 5 ½ inches

Wrapper: US Connecticut

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

MSRP: $11 approx. before taxes

Construction: The wrapper is really smooth in texture and has a distinct golden brown almost caramel color. There is only one noticeable vein that I do not anticipate will cause any burn problems. The cap seems to be placed perfectly on the head of the cigar and the cigar is packed firmly from head to foot.

Pre-light: The cigar has that barnyard aroma that we all know and love and while it is very strong it is not overpowering. The draw after cutting the cigar is a little firm for my liking but it seems like it will suffice. The flavor is light, sweet tobacco. My first impression is that this cigar is going to be pretty mild.

First third: Upon lighting the cigar, I am getting a decent amount of smoke with each draw. There is no presence of spice or pepper, but there is the slight sweetness that I mentioned in the pre-light and some toasty wood notes. The burn has some waviness; however, I am going to leave it to see if it corrects itself. The ash is somewhat firm and light grey in color. The cigar so far is very mild in both body and strength, but the flavors are delightful.

Second third: Progressing further, the dominant flavor is still the toasted wood with the sweetness following thereafter. The smoke is really creamy and mellow. There is still no evidence of spice or peppery notes. Overall, this cigar just feels good in my hand and the ash has managed to hold for the first two inches before falling off. Towards the halfway point, the wood notes are starting to become more floral.

Final third: Just beginning to get some tar buildup on the head of the cigar and it is causing some bitterness. The burn is also beginning to become uneven. The cigar is still extremely smooth and while the floral note has dissipated, it has been replaced with a bit of leather. The sweetness is now more prevalent on the retrohale and there is a creamy coffee note that lingers on the finish. This cigar is definitely mild throughout but is nothing short on flavors and complexity.

Overall: The sheer price tag alone on Diamond Crowns has always caused me to pass them by in my local B&Ms, so I was excited to try this one just to kill my curiosity. I must say that while I am not an avid mild cigar smoker, I can really appreciate a mild cigar that has complexity and good flavors. This is one of those cigars. Setting price aside, the construction, flavor, and overall quality of this cigar make it a cigar that I would like to get to know better. This experience was definitely a good one and I would go back to this cigar as well as recommend it to other cigar enthusiasts especially those that enjoy milder cigars. I give it a solid 4 out of 5 smokes.

Leave a comment & let me know your thoughts. Also, be sure to sign up to be a subscriber to the B&B Cigar Club Blog and receive future posts via email.

Happy Smoking

-Da Byrdman-

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Cusano 18 Double Connecticut Robusto

Posted by dabyrdman33 on January 18, 2010

This is a smoke that I got from The Big Smoke Vegas in November.

Don’t know anything about it so I did a little searching to see what the details were of this smoke.

It’s been awhile since I have written a review, but there was a lot going on in my life. Now that things have calmed down a bit I can get back to posting reviews.

Size-Robusto 5×50

It is 10:37 am on a Wednesday morning. This is the first time I have ever smoked a cigar this early. So I figured I would try something considered to be mild/medium. I will also be having a glass of California Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine. Don’t know how this will pair up, but we will see.

Construction is good. There are a few veins but nothing to write momma about. A nice feel to it, not too firm.

Prelight: The wrapper gives off a smooth slightly sweet smell to it.
Cut was good, smooth on the dry hale. Time to light and see what this stick is all about.

Good first inhale. Smooth notes, little hint of honey. Let’s see if it keeps that flavor.

So far so good. It is giving off a great resting smoke and the smoke on the retrohale is very thick. The ash is holding well with no flaking at all. Flavor is still creamy smooth.

At the half way point and I will say that this is a very mild cigar. A great one for me to smoke in the morning. The flavor has changed a little. Not as much sweetness, not complex at all.

It does have a very nice burn to it. Even all the way through.
When you get to the band, proper etiquette tells you to put it down, but if you are enjoying your cigar why would you want to do that? Makes no sense to me.

In the end, this was a good smoke this morning. Not heavy and it still allows me to go play with my 3 year old son.
It was about a 45 minute smoke with a very consistent smooth flavor and a very consistent burn. This after sitting in my humidor for 2 months.

So for all you mild cigar smokers. This would be a good one for you to have. Or for those that want a cigar that will not hurt their performance while at work but need to get away and refresh, this would be one to consider.

As always,
Happy Smokin..

BIG PIMPIN of B&B Cigar Club

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Tatuaje Ambos Mundo Sumatra

Posted by dabyrdman33 on November 11, 2009

As I continue to delve into the world of Tatuaje Cigars, made by Pete Johnson, tonight’s review will be on the Ambos Mundos Sumatra Robusto.  From the Tatuaje website, Ambos Mundos is translated to mean “both worlds” as in “The Best of Both Worlds”.  This cigar was touted as an entry into the bargain cigar market by Pete Johnson and comes with a price tag in the $5 – $6 range depending on your local taxes.  None of my local B&Ms are authorized Tatuaje dealers so I made this purchase at Leesburg Cigars.

Vital Stats:
Vitola – Robusto
Size – 5 x 50
Wrapper – Ecuadorian Sumatra
Binder – Nicaragua
Filler – Nicaragua

Construction:  The wrapper is a slightly mottled cocoa-brown with a couple of pronounced veins & many smaller veins running throughout the leaf.  The cap is the Tatuaje signature Cuban triple cap.  The cigar is firm to the touch; however, I do not anticipate any issues with the draw.

Pre-light:  Aroma is a rich barnyard tobacco odor that gets your attention right away.  Cold draw is not too tight or loose and produces no real spice or pepper but the same rich tobacco flavor as the aroma.

First impressions:  First few puffs are somewhat peppery on the middle of my tongue and on the retrohale.  I am also getting a hint of cinnamon type spice on the retrohale.  The cigar is producing a fair amount of smoke but very little residual or resting smoke.  Further in, the peppery spice has calmed and the cinnamon has turned into more of a licorice flavor that is very nice with the tobacco undertones.  The strength is mild, while the flavor is squarely into the medium range.  The ash is holding strong for the first inch with a light gray color.  The burn line is decent with no need for a touch up.  

Halfway point:  The cigar is rather woody at this point with a cedary sweetness on the retrohale.  The licorice is still present, but it has taken a backseat to the cedar flavor.  The cigar is much smoother while the flavor has definitely picked up  The strength has remained relatively mild.  The ash let go after about two inches.  The spice and sweetness on the retrohale is really enjoyable and the cigar is producing an ample amount of smoke.  I’m really surprised at the mildness in strength with this flavor intensity.  The resting smoke is also very aromatic with that same sweet yet toasty cedar characteristic.  It gives a slight tinge to the nostrils.

Home stretch:  The licorice flavor is now coming back to the forefront.  The burn is a little wavy, but I see no real need for a touch up.  After removing the band the flavor is somewhat meaty & the sweetness has mellowed.

Final thoughts:  I really love the complexity of this cigar and the way the flavors heighten & mellow throughout.  For the price point, this an excellent cigar when you’re looking for good flavor with less power.  I have been searching for the perfect “lawnmower” smoke and I think this is it.  With a burn time of a little over an hour, this would be great for the golf course if you want to know that you have a cigar without having it shake you to death while standing over a 6 ft putt.


4 out of 5 smokes

Until the next time . . . Fly straight & fly high.  Happy Smoking.

-Da Byrdman-

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