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Archive for the ‘Events’ Category


Posted by PDB_BANDB on June 29, 2012

Hello to the B & B faithful,
Thank you for stopping in to check out the latest cigar review.
Today I am smoking  the Julius Caeser by Diamond Crown.
I received this cigar from a recent Diamond Crown event at the Tinder Box Cigar and Tobacco store (  in Waldorf Md.
Manufacturer- Diamond Crown Cigars 
Wrapper- Ecuador, Havana-seed
Binder- Dominican Republic
Filler- Carribbean Basin, Central America. Aged for 5 years. 
Size- 6.0 x 52
 Construction is good. No major issues. It does have a minor split at the foot of the cigar but this shouldn’t cause any problems.
I Cut the tip with my Xikar Room101 cutter, which gives a clean-cut. 
On the dry pull I’m getting a little sweet notes from the wrapper and a little hints of oat. 
Before I proceed to light the Julius Caeser with my Lotus Torch Lighter I take a sip of my drink of choice for this cigar, Ron Zacapa Xo Gran Reserva Especial. 
First third- not getting much of any flavor just a little hint of oat. The burn is very good with plenty of smoke on the retro hale. The ash is gray with no flaking and holding strong. I hope it starts to give me more flavor as I continue to smoke.
Second Third- Into the second third of this cigar and I notice a little fraying in the wrapper. Don’t think it will effect the smoke, but we’ll see. The flavor has changed to just tobacco and nothing else. The burn is still going strong and the ash is holding on very good. But I am really looking for something to happen with the flavor profile.
Final Third- As this JC is coming to a close nothing has changed. Still no other flavor than tobacco. The ash is still strong and still giving off plenty of smoke. 
Final Thoughts-This JC didn’t give much to admire on the flavor profile or the strength side. The construction was the best part of this cigar. The ash did hold strong and give off plenty of smoke and the burn was even all the way through. The strength and the flavor for the Julius Caeser is very mild. Sorry to say, but I didn’t get any of those bold, rich distinctive flavors that the web site (WWW.DIAMONDCROWN.COM) says you should get. 
Using WWW.YOURCIGARRATINGS.COM to rate the Julius Caeser and it comes back with a rating of 54.
Smoke time- 45-60 min. 
Thanks for taking the time for reading my opinion of this cigar. 
Happy Smokin. 

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Quick Intros: “La Palina Family Series: The Alison”

Posted by dabyrdman33 on November 3, 2010







Let me say welcome back to my loyal readers and a hearty hello to my newcomers.  This week’s review is not a typical review but more of an introductory review on a cigar.  While my typical review consists of smoking between 3 to 5 cigars before passing judgement, this review is based upon a single cigar that I received at W. Curtis Draper’s Little Puff 2010.  This week’s cigar review is The Alison from the Family Series by La Palina. 

Just a quick note, this review is being performed on location at Cigar Connection in Arlington, VA. 
The La Palina brand and its history are quite a story which you can read here.  In the meantime, here’s a look at the technical specs on The Alison:

Wrapper: Ecuador/Costa Rica
Binder: Costa Rica
Filler: Honduras and Nicaragua
Size: 6 x 52
MSRP: $18-23??

From the La Palina website…”The “Alison” is dedicated to Bill’s  wife, Alison Van Metre Paley, whose support and encouragement have made  La Palina’s revival possible.”

Construction: The caramel colored wrapper has a noticeable vein or two.  The cigar is firmly packed but has some slight wrapper damage at the foot.

Pre-light draw: Upon clipping the head on this torpedo, I’m getting some sweet tobacco and a slight citrus undertone.

1st third: Upon lighting and settling in with a few puffs the noticeable flavor is slightly earthy and somewhat dry on the palate. The burn is a little off due to the wrapper crack but not grossly off. The ash is dark grey & fairly solid. Strength is mild while the body is medium. The cigar is producing a decent amount of smoke with each puff.

2nd third: The burn has evened out with no ill effects from the wrapper crack. The body and strength are now both in the medium range. The dominant flavors are dry tobacco with some earth and leather. The cigar does produce loads of smoke but so far it still hasn’t done much to resonate with my palate.  The ash managed to hold for about a half inch and now I’m merely ashing it to keep my clothes & the shop counter clean.

At the band/Final third: While the band states “Ligero”, I’m not getting much ligero flavor or strength. The strength and body are both in the medium range; however, something just seems to be missing. There’s a slight hint of pepper toward the end, but nothing really stands out.  Just as I write this, I am beginning to get a slight uptick in strength and beginning to taste the ligero. While this cigar is redeeming itself in the final two inches, my disappointment lies in the fact that “the sleeping giant” didn’t awaken until now.

Final thoughts:  If you like a cigar that builds to a crescendo, this may be your cup of tea. For me, if a cigar contains ligero, I want to know it from the beginning. Not much complexity exists in this cigar as it remained pretty consistent throughout with the emphasis being on the earth and leather. Given that this is based upon one stick, I am certainly open to giving this cigar or another La Palina vitola a shot.For the price point, I am hard pressed to give it a 5-pack recommendation, but I would give it a 4.0 out of 5.0 on my unofficial “official” scale just because of how it responded at the end.  The $18-23 price range is the real impetus behind my hesitation to try these again. I’ll leave it up to you, the readers. Leave me a comment on your La Palina experience or whether or not you think I should give it another shot.

I’m all ears…

Until next time, happy smoking,


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The People’s Review: Berger & Argenti Entubar…Raising the Bar!

Posted by thepeoplechamp82 on October 26, 2010

What’s up enthusiasts!  D.C.’s People’s Champ is back again this time with a cigar review for your reading!  This week’s post is the new offering from Berger & Argenti that was released after this year’s IPCPR show: the Entubar.  This cigar is extremely unique in its construction of all Nicaraguan tobaccos mixed with ligero wrapped in an Ecuadorian Connecticut-seed wrapper.  You can read about the background of this cigar by visiting their website here. This review is of the torpedo so let’s not waste any time…LET’S LIGHT IT UP!!

Vitola: Torpedo 6 7/8″ x 56

Filler: Cuban-seed Nicaraguan with ligero

Binder: Cuban-seed Nicaraguan

Wrapper: Ecuadorian “Desflorado” Connecticut-seed

Strength: Full

Construction & Pre-light

This cigar has a smooth brown wrapper with some veins running up and down the cigar but shouldn’t pose a problem. There isn’t a single soft spot on the Entubar and the unique 1/4″ of ligero tobacco at the foot is something you can’t you can’t stop looking at! There’s a nice grassy aroma and the draw is perfect giving off a sweet and peppery mix. Let’s get started shall we?!


First Third

Right off the first couple puffs the ligero leaf really makes an impact with heavy pepper mixed with coffee and a slight earthiness. The start is incredibly smooth and balanced showing a great pairing of the cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos, the ligero tobacco and the Ecuadorian wrapper. As I move past the ligero foot, the flavor starts to become very creamy with some notes of hay. I’m loving the burn on this stick: very even and sharp, solid whitish-gray ash and holding firm in the wind. There’s a lot of smoke coming from each puff and a lot of resting smoke as well. This is definitely a full flavored and full strength cigar: a lot of flavor right out in front of the palate and a strong nic buzz. So far, this cigar has started off really great…let’s see how it smokes going forward!


Halfway Point

Moving into the halfway mark of the Entubar and it’s still showing that Nicaraguan and Ecuadorian quality flavor-wise: sweet, slightly peppery, earthy and creamy. Nice sweet creamy finish that’s clean and smooth. Despite a very windy night in the DMV, the ash on this stick is really holding firm…very amazing IMHO! Through the halfway point, I don’t have a single negative thing to say about the Entubar…this blend has really gotten my attention and has convinced me so far that’s it’s well worth the price of admission! Let’s finish this smoke and see what it produces!


Finish Line

Sadly, I’m getting to the end of the Berger & Argenti Entubar and it’s a very mellow finish. There’s no evidence of the spice and pepper that I experienced before but it’s still very sweet, creamy and earthy. The finish is still very clean and enjoyable with each puff and the smoke remains cool and smooth. The construction is superior (something this company prides themselves on with this line) and the flavor and strength are extremely on point! To paraphrase, this is a phenomenal full-bodied cigar…so you can guess what my verdict’s going to be!

VERDICT=EPIC WIN!!! The price point doesn’t make this an everyday cigar but it is definitely a cigar to get your hands on! This particular size goes for around $10-11 a stick but IMHO it’s well worth the price and more…plenty of flavor that’s right there in front of you, superior construction and just an overall awesome experience! Make a trip to your local B&M and pick up a couple of these and see for yourself!

Normally I’d end off my review with a sign-off but before I do that I wanted to let you enthusiasts know about some events going on here in the DMV in the near future that we hope you can attend if you are in the area:

-October 30 is the D.C. area Halloween herf hosted by yours truly and Professor Frank at Bailey’s Pub and Grille at Ballston Commons Mall in Arlington, Virginia. There’s a possible costume contest for cigars if enough people come in costume so come dressed up!

-November 5: Come to Bailey’s to herf with our guest from New York, Nat Sherman tobacconist Lindsay Heller (@TheCigarChick on Twitter) from 7pm-until.

-November 6: The Monthly B&B Herf at Bailey’s Fredricksburg, Virginia where we’ll be celebrating one of the founding fathers of the group’s birthday…that’s right it’s “Big Pimpin” Paul Ballard’s birthday so come out and celebrate!

That’s all for this week…tune in next week for a new post from The Champ and remember…B&B WE ALL WE GOT!!!

-D.C.’s People’s Champ

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Announcing: End of the Summer Event with Don Pepin Garcia and Old Virginia Tobacco Company

Posted by thepeoplechamp82 on October 4, 2010

DC Cigar Examiner writer Juan Ulloa reported on the Examiner’s web site that Old Virginia Tobacco Company with be hosting an event with Don Pepin Garcia at their Woodbridge location.  The story reads as follows:

To celebrate the end of Summer, Old Virginia Tobacco Company will be holding a very special event at their Woodbridge location, (2745 Metro Plaza, Woodbridge, VA). Midnight Ribs-N-Cigars featuring cigar master Dón Pepin García takes place Friday, October 15, 2010 from 4:00 PM until “the last person leaves.”

García, his son Jamie and daughter Janny run the esteemed My Father Cigar Factory and apart from their own lines, produce excellent cigars for a variety of brands including Pete Johnson’s Tatuaje, Ashton’s La Aroma de Cuba and Nestor Miranda’s namesake lines, just to name a few. Guests can enjoy:

  • Watching cigar rolling by a true artist.
  • Music
  • Home Cooked Ribs and Sides
  • Event Deals
  • Prizes

For more information contact Old Virginia Tobacco (Woodbridge) at (703) 492-2260.

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