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A Nicaraguan Beauty

Posted by PDB_BANDB on July 6, 2012

What’s up B & B faithful,
I’m back for the second week in a row with another cigar review
Today I am smoking the Tarazona 305 Torpedo
Wrapper- Costa Rican
Filler- Nicaraguan
Binder- Nicaraguan 
Size- Toro Torpedo 6.5 x 52
This cigar was given to me by Eddie Tarazona himself @TarazonaCigars at a recent Event in Maryland. 
The construction on this 305 is good. It’s firm to the touch with a great aroma to it & no defects in the roll. 
This Costa Rican Maduro is considered to be a full-bodied cigar. 
I will be using my trusty Xikar cutter to snip the top of this torpedo and my C I Lotus torch to toast the foot. 
Drink of choice will be Heineken and water for this review. 
On the dry hale I’m getting creamy notes with a little sweetness from the wrapper. 
First 3rd- Getting a smooth creamy like flavor with a little spice on the back of the palette and the sweetness on the lips from the wrapper. Burn is going good with a gray/black ash. 
Second 3rd- A few changes on the flavor profile. The spice has dissipated and cocoa has been introduced. That was a nice change-up. The ash didn’t hold very well, it ended up falling in my lap. Not nice. Also experiencing a little uneven burn at this point. I would consider the strength of the cigar at this point to be a medium bodied smoke. 
Finale 3rd-The issue with the burn has fixed itself but the ash has fallen again, this time it hit the floor. Since I’m having problems with the ash I’m guessing this cigar is a little on the dry side. The spice on the back of the palette has come back and the cocoa has rescinded a little but still noticeable. Had another uneven burn issue but it quickly fixed itself. 
Final Thoughts- I would have to say this was a great cigar. I only had a couple of minor burn issues that with a few more puffs of the cigar fixed themselves. Never had to do any re-lighting even after having it rest for about 6-8 minutes. Not a lot of resting smoke and the flavors of the cigar were good. 
This is one I will definitely look to stock in the humidor and recommend you give the Tarazona 305 a try.
With a price point of just over $8 a cigar, I think it is worth it. 
Using it comes in at a WHOPPING 99. 
Smoke time approximately 1 hr 15 min. 
Thanks for taking the time to read my opinion of this cigar. 
Happy Smokin, 

2 Responses to “A Nicaraguan Beauty”

  1. I’m an advid CAO fan, with the CAO Black being my favorite. Would this be a cigar that would interest me? You described it well and have me licking my lips. And if it’s not a good segway cigar, what would you recommend. I’ve had several bad experiences with peeps at the cigar show recommending me to what I would call sub-par cigars after my years of smoking cigars.

    • PDB_BANDB said

      Thanks for the comment Andrew and for taking the time to read my post.
      I myself am a CAO fan with the Brazillia being one of my favs. I’ve had the black when I started smokings cigars and it was to much for me at that time. I will have to revisit one very soon since I have much more experience with smoking cigars. Based on what you’ve said, I believe the 305 would be a good cigar for you. Another you could try is the Knuckle Dragger from Hava Cigars. It’s a petite carona but it packs flavor. I hope this helps. Again, thanks for visiting our blog. Stay tuned.

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